3 Ideas to Help You Spend Your IT Budget Efficiently

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spend budget efficiently

spend IT budget

Okay. You've accepted that there is a place in the construction business, and more specifically within your firm, for information technology. Does this mean that you must go to the trouble and expense of constant upgrading in order to be a technologically efficient company? How can a manager tell if his or her firm has "enough" technology?


Is Your Firm Still Duplicating Itself?There's absolutely nothing wrong with making copies. But if your employees are having to save work to a disk because they cannot access it from another computer or because they fear losing it altogether, then it's time to upgrade to a newer software package that allows for accessing data from multiple machines as well as safely storing it indefinitely.

Are You Using Mobile Devices On The Job?Smartphones and tablets aren't just the cool kid toy of the moment. They're tiny computers that these days have reception just about everywhere, meaning that it's possible to file timely reports, issue warnings, and even hold remote meetings if you have the right applications. Raken's app for daily reporting allows subscribers to save fifty hours or more a week filing timely, industry compliant reports that can be amended by multiple parties from different locations, reducing the need and expense of face to face meetings.

Are You Paying For Outdated Technology?You paid for it, and it's understandable that you want to get your money's worth out of it. But that information technology of a decade ago is slow, can often only be used with one system, and is more prone to breakdowns, viruses, and hackers than newer software. This newer software is web based as well, which means that it can be accessed from a variety of devices and computers with internet access, avoiding the need to install expensive office systems. Software providers take care of any issues, meaning you won’t have to foot the cost of an in-house construction IT team, and unlike older software packages, newer web based ones can be customized, so that subscribers only pay for what they use.

So for construction firms willing to do prudent upgrading and utilize devices as technology tools, while some money must still be invested for important information technology in construction industry, it can be done more effectively, and with greater returns.