Questions to Ask Before Committing to Construction Software

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ic-3The construction industry has gone with remarkable rapidity from being very nervous about embracing new digital technologies for work, to adopting them with great enthusiasm. This in turn has led to some growing pains. Which in turn has made some firms sitting on the digital fence nervous about taking on such technologies themselves. Which they shouldn't be. Because the problem isn't that there's necessarily something wrong with these products themselves, but that they're being used inappropriately. Take construction software, for example.

Computer use in the construction sector has come a long way since the days of DOS. In just the last few years, dozens of construction software packages have come onto the market, helping firms with everything from inventorying to construction reporting. It may seem as though some of these packages offer the same services with simply a different brand name. But in reality, these software packages can provide users with very different experiences. And if it's an experience that the firm doesn't want to have, the results can be expensive and frustrating. That's why when contemplating software purchases, managers should first ask themselves:

  1. "How Can This Software Solve A Specific Work Flow Need My Team Has?" In other words, is this software package helping your staff to work more efficiently, saving time and money, or might they just as well be playing MineCraft? Raken is a daily reporting software package that is designed to ensure that reporters are doing so correctly, in industry mandated formats. It can also can reduce that dreaded reporting time from anywhere from ninety minutes to an hour daily.

  2. "Can My Users Actually Understand And Use This Product Consistently?" The software training went really well? Great! How about when you're not standing over them in a classroom setting? For example, when doing daily reports, can they move easily from field to field, entering and saving data? Can they get back into files after being "kicked out" without your assistance? And in addition to ease of software use itself, is it compatible with computers and devices that staff themselves are compatible with?

  3. "What Is The After-Sale Support And Why Does That Matter?" Everyone's bought the slick looking device, brought it home, found that it wasn't quite as easy to use as the ads made it look, and when they called Customer Support, they weren't. Because real life isn't a commercial and Stuff Happens, a company should stand behind its product with first rate customer support and service. Raken offers a dedicated Customer Success Team that offers support and assistance to clients seven days a week, through a variety of options. So with Raken's help, clients never again have to question their decision concerning purchasing construction reporting software.