4 Reasons to Use a Construction Time Card App

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Life is made up of many granular, significant, but often-times consuming tasks that need attention on a daily basis. Take brushing your teeth for example. It's an essential daily task that needs to be done at least (but hopefully more than) once a day. If this process is not carried out the right way on a daily basis, it can really cost you in dental bills, pain, social confidence issues, and a host of other unnecessary problems. Similarly, superintendents, foremen, and project managers perform daily reporting and time sheet duties on a construction site which are tedious and time-exhausting. If construction daily reports and time cards are not filled out on a daily basis, things can go very wrong very quickly and eventually cost the firm unruly amounts of money, delay project scheduling, or make room for big errors. Unfortunately, these construction daily reporting tasks aren't always as easy as brushing teeth, until you try construction daily reporting and time cards with Raken. Construction daily reporting software has been our specialty for years, and recently we have introduced our Raken Time Card feature to make the reporting process even easier, take even less time, and save you even more money.

Raken Construction Time Card Overview

We have crafted the perfect construction time card template that contains all of the necessary aspects needed to accurately record time for every worker in every crew on your jobsite. Raken Time Cards take the arduous pen and paper process of time tracking straight to the history books by dramatically cutting down the time it takes to record hours worked, assign cost codes, add more workers to payroll, and send time sheet reports to the office. So, lets get to point. Here are four reasons to ditch the pen and start tapping a screen.

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Simple and Easy Time Tracking

We have built our construction time card feature in a way that makes it easy for the guys in the field to whip out their mobile device and quickly have a work log template ready to fill out. It's as easy as ABC with Raken and each input is simple whether it be information for a single worker or for an entire crew. Adding hours is as simple as tapping the plus sign until the desired hours are entered and you even have the option of splitting hours in separate cost codes. Speaking of cost codes, forget needing to reference a code list. Cost codes are integrated into a dropdown menu which makes assigning them fast and simple without you needing to remember specific codes. You can bulk upload cost codes and even create new cost codes right there in the app. Schedule your time card reports and get a legible, simple summary of the time you recorded, then send it straight to the office for a streamlined payroll process.

Streamlined Payroll

Speaking of the payroll process, such a tedious task suddenly becomes easier than ever with Raken's construction time card template. The pains of transcribing hand-written notes, work logs, and daily job descriptions to a digital system are over because now it is all able to be done in an app. This makes the entire process digitally consistent which cuts out a massive amount of time spent on reporting. As soon as reports are completed, they are sent straight to the payroll administrator in Excel format so that there is a seamless transition from the field to the office. Construction time card management is completely transformed by this process.

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Error Minimization

Filling out construction daily reports and time sheets on the jobsite can get messy. With this mess comes errors... errors that can end up costing the firm a lot of money, all because a cost code was skewed, or you scribbled down the wrong information in a time crunch, or the payroll administrator couldn't read your writing. While working under the gun with a tight budget, these kinds of mistakes can't be made. This is where Raken likes to come in handy. It's hard to write illegible information when you are typing it on a digital system with all of your workers, crews, and cost codes listed right there in a drop-down menu. With digital information, the payroll administrator doesn't have to try to decipher construction scribbles and make possible mistakes because of it. Just think... a payroll admin could mistake a 1 for a 7 and accidentally pay for many more hours than were recorded, resulting in a financial nightmare and a massive waste of time straightening out the error. Raken's construction time card software significantly reduces the chance of error while simultaneously making reporting an easier and shorter process.

Significant Time Saving

We've all heard it over and over again, but the truth remains... time is money. Perhaps the biggest advantage of incorporating Raken into your process is the amount of time you can save. Construction daily reports and time cards shouldn't take up to two hours, they should take about 30-40 minutes in total. If you're working 6 days a week at a construction site with a pen and paper daily reporting and time card process, you're likely spending 12 hours each week on reporting when you could be spending about 4 hours using Raken. Essentially, that's saving a whole 8-hour work day every week in construction daily reporting. Just to make things fun, the accumulation of time saved on a six-month project would be around 192 hours by simply using Raken software... food for thought.

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So with all this, there's no reason to be spending up to two hours tracking time and filling out construction daily reports and time sheets. Crush those reports and get back to the good stuff: building, drilling, and making progress on your project. Raken customers are able to cut down their time spent on construction daily reports and time cards from about 2 hours to 30-40 minutes every day on the jobsite. Simplify your process, minimize the errors, save money, and save a whole lot of time with Raken Time Cards. See for yourself how Raken can transform your daily reporting process with a 15-day free trial of the software.