5 Best Apps for Construction Contractors

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best apps for construction

Best Apps for Construction Companies

From the abacus to the typewriter, from the calculator to the laser printer, office equipment has been invaluable throughout the ages in the constructor industry. The latest innovation that has enhanced the lives of construction firm employees everywhere, from secretaries to site foremen, is the application, or app. Apps are, of course, particular pieces of software that can be easily downloaded to and used on mobile devices. We'll break down some of the most useful apps for General Contractors.

In regards to the construction agency, this now means that data that was once only accessible by attending a meeting can now be viewed and worked on by employees as well as clients in a number of locations with the use of these general contractor apps. But as app fans also know, there are many apps for contractors out there, some that seem to do essentially the same thing. So which general contractor apps are the ones most useful to construction firms? What are the best construction apps to download?

  1. Zoho InvoicingThis app for contractors allows users to produce and send simple invoices, track payment schedules, install automatic reminders of overdue payment, and offer online payment options. It also allows users to track employment histories with former clients.

4.Handyman CalculatorPut away that little pocket calculator with the nifty square root button and check out this app that not only calculates measurements in inches and feet, but calculates amounts of project materials needed, such as lumber, earth, and rock. This app also allows users to record field notes, and track construction site work hours.

  1. HotSchedulesSpreadsheets? Tracking down the manager to get him/her to approve schedule changes? Getting that employee to adjust their timesheet once that change has been approved? They just need to pick up their smartphone. Or iPad. Or Blackberry. HotSchedules will do the rest.

  2. DropboxWhat good are those files going to do you stuffed in a filing cabinet in the office when you're trying to access them at the site AND the client's office? This app for contractors allows users to sync, share and protect online files from a variety of devices. It's very easy to download and learn to use, as well.

1. RakenPut away that notebook! Don't force that poor secretary to try to figure out your "handwriting"! Now project foremen and supervisors can complete professional looking reports in much less time than previously, with administrators able to have instant access to data. With these top apps for contractors, firms are able to spend less time on reporting, which frees them to seek more projects and complete other work.