5 Construction Apps to Watch in 2018

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In case you missed it, we wrote an article recently about how the overhaul of the tax code will affect construction companies. One of the biggest changes that we saw coming, and one that we think will have a large impact, is the tax break companies will receive from using machines and automation.

As we anticipate that this will see more and more construction companies turning to technology to make their job sites more efficient, we’re here to present our list of the top 5 construction apps to watch in 2018.

Jobflex: For bidding

The thing that we love about Jobflex is that, unlike other bidding software out there, they seem to be aware that the way your bid looks has an impact on whether or not you win the job. Their interface for adding photos and personalizing the bid with your logo and colors could make all the difference when it comes to actually winning the project.

Beyond the way their reports look, they are also wonderfully simple to put together. They focused their interface on tapping rather than typing, meaning you can do the work with gloves on.

Overall, for faster bids and quicker invoices we’d recommend looking at Jobflex. That and the fact that, like us, they are a startup looking to improve one of the oldest industries on earth- good luck!

BIM360: For planning

Many designers and construction professionals are already familiar with AutoCAD- it’s arguably the world’s most popular design and drafting software. BIM360 is the software giant’s construction management arm that specializes in taking the draft documents from AutoCAD or Autodesk and translating those into plans your teams can easily use on any size project.

Undoubtedly the best part about BIM360 is the ability to markup and share planning documents, a result of their being part of the Autodesk suite of tools. While perhaps pricier than other options out there, if you are looking for a way to see your entire project from a bird’s eye view you could do a lot worse.

Penta Technologies: For inventory

What we love about Penta is that they were designed, specifically, for inventory. All-in-one solutions that promise inventory control as part of their package rarely get the job done right. And on a construction site proper inventory and materials control is crucial to making sure that the entire project keeps moving forward.

Penta’s focus on inventory control has allowed them to add some pretty fantastic features that should make any construction administrator ecstatic. You can set any location as a warehouse (useful for small firms without the luxury of a permanent storage facility), document how materials move with a few simple taps and, of course, do all of this on the go via a suite of apps designed for different roles.

But what really sets them apart is that they realize that inventory is about more than pipes and wiring. They have solutions to keep track of your machinery and equipment with rates, preventive maintenance schedules and charges by location.

Raken: For reporting

We built our brand on the quality of our daily reports. It’s our speciality after all and we’ve got that workflow down to a science. Our daily reports are the fastest in the industry. Customize your reports with survey questions, send them automatically on a schedule to project stakeholders, manage your site photos, and store all of your daily reports in one place to protect yourself against future litigation. Raken’s daily reporting app was designed for the field, so your personnel will be able to turn in every report in a fraction of the time.

But we couldn’t let this opportunity go by without mentioning some of the fantastic things that have been happening around here and what we’ve got planned for the year ahead.

Last year saw us completely revamp the look of our app, both on desktop and mobile. We rolled out the Insights dashboard for fast data analysis, the new activity feed for immediate visibility, new integrations with some of the industry’s largest management tools, and dozens more improvements and upgrades to make Raken even better.

But that’s nothing compared to what we have in store for this year. 2018 is the year that will see Raken expand the workflows that we handle in our app to include more than just daily reports. We’ll start right at the beginning of the year by introducing new workflows into Raken that will augment our daily reports and provide you with a single-source tool to manage your field.


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  Mpulse Software: For Maintenance

After the initial construction is done that doesn’t necessarily mean that the general contractor is done with the job. Many firms, especially larger ones, will also collect additional revenue by adding building maintenance to their services.

Apps like Mpulse allow contractors to keep track of service requests, work orders, and outside vendors. What we especially love about Mpulse is the way that they not only acknowledge building maintenance, but equipment and vehicle maintenance as well.

Their software allows you to see data relating to use and performance of the equipment so you can not only keep your buildings up to scratch, but the equipment you need to keep working in tip-top shape as well.