Tianjin_Construction_SiteWhile the quantity and quality of blogs varies, many of them are a good source of trend tracking, advice, and even links to free training and other discounts. All of it at no charge! But there are a lot of blogs out there, even concerning our industry. So what are the top construction blogs worth reading?

5. Raken
The construction software company’s blog features timely articles on new technologies, changing employment trends, agency updates, best construction management schools, and more. Stay on top of construction trends by following the Raken Blog.

4. Construction Contractor Advisor
Potential litigation is an unfortunate part of construction work. So it might not be surprising to learn that this site won a 2014 Blog Of The Year award. Nebraska lawyer Craig Martin offers examples and advice here on contracts, insurance, best practices, and liability. (http://www.constructioncontractoradvisor.com)

3. Jetson Green
Yes, everyone in the construction industry is talking about going green these days. But the Jetson site shows readers various examples of green projects that are well on their way from being novelties to becoming industry standards. This construction technology blog also provides information on LEED compliance, allows readers to submit their own green tips, and has a small online store. (http://www.jetsongreen.com/)

2. Construction Marketing Association
The mission of this professional group is to aid construction industry workers and resource providers with information on training, certification, and recognition. Its construction industry blog provides updated news stories to that end, with additional information on upcoming industry conferences and continuing education. It also alerts readers to upcoming marketing programs and partnerships, like Amazon Lender.

1. AEC Business
Blogger Aarni Heiskanen is able to offer a site with lots of timely advice from the business and management aspect of the industry, due to his years of experience within it. In addition to personal posts, this site offers updated articles and interviews with industry experts and leaders.

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