5 Construction Management Courses to Consider

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Construction Management Courses

Construction Management Courses

As they say, "knowledge is power", and certainly, education and training are crucial to insure a safe and efficient construction site. Not only are they crucial, they're very fluid, continually changing and expanding. This certainly applies to classes offered to those in construction management positions. Often wearing various hats over the course of a project, such individuals are often limited in time. So what are some construction management programs out there that are good investments of a manager and firm's time and money?

5. Oral And Writing Classes For SupervisorsThese types of classes not only teach students how to speak effectively, but how to be effective listeners as well, as well as learning how to read and respond to "non-verbal cues" such as body language. These skills not only make for harmonious and effective work sites, they are invaluable skills to have in negotiating deals and working with clients. And good writing techniques are not only important for properly filing reports and other documents, they can lead to the winning of more projects.

4. Contract DocumentsDry subject matter to be sure, but much litigation comes from misunderstandings and misinterpretations of contracts. These courses not only review different types of contracts and their format and language, they also cover negotiation and dispute techniques.

3. Construction LawEssential training, given the high level of litigation within this industry. Such courses cover legal issues like liens, bonds, insurance, documents, time and scheduling, and project delays. They also cover dispute negotiations and resolution.

2. Planning And SchedulingAll supervisors and managers should be comfortable with the basics of setting up and running construction sites, and such courses will show how to use traditional charts, diagrams, and schedules to get sites up and running. Given how quickly administrative technology has evolved and dominated construction projects, this should be ongoing training for managers and supervisors, so that they can master the latest updates in related devices and software.

1. Green BuildingIt's no longer a novelty, but rapidly becoming the industry norm, so now is the time to take classes that teach students everything from finding suppliers to working with commissions in order to successfully bid on, contract, and complete green building projects.