5 Reasons to Collaborate Using Cloud Based Construction Software

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Yes, social experts are concerned that as we head with ever more confidence down that digital highway, we're inadvertently isolating ourselves in front of glowing screens. And while they have a point, there's no getting around the fact that "doing it digitally" makes life faster, easier, and for businesses, both more profitable and cost efficient.

And with the advance of "cloud" based platform technology, which allows for software access directly through the internet, it's even easier to share information and conduct business without having to be in the same room (or even the same country) with other individuals. This work doesn't even have to be done with a traditional computer either, as software apps allow smartphones and tablets to become the new place of business.

Construction firm geeks everywhere are now flying their freak flags proudly as colleagues scramble to embrace what they knew all along, but there are a number of non "because it's cool" reasons to adopt this new technology as well. Below are just a few reasons to adopt cloud based construction project management software into jobsites.

1. Because It's Cost EffectiveOne of the reasons firms are hesitant about embracing new software is that in the past they could only be used in a limited way, usually in a single office setting. But with cloud technology, information can be shared across "basic" equipment like smartphones and tablets, eliminating the need for expensive new hardware. This means that partners can contribute data without making those expensive purchases, too. Raken's cloud construction software for example, includes a feature for sub-contractors called Super Daily that permits free data collaboration.

2. Because It Allows Greater AccessOne of the problems with internet use at work was that it meant literally having to plug into a grounded box. Since even the head-hunters of New Guinea have WiFi now, it's almost impossible for contractors to not be able to plug into cloud based software from a variety of remote sites.

3. Because It Allows For Real-Time CollaborationConsider the amount of time that gets spent on setting up project meetings, not to mention the amount of time going-and-coming and the actual meetings themselves. Wouldn't it be great to have all project participants do this remotely? Software like Raken allows this to happen, even allowing CEOs and stakeholders to participate in this process. And Raken's Super Daily allows subcontractor daily reports and manpower hours to be sent directly to the general contractor's report. In addition, by using Super Daily, subcontractors can add their own notes, observations, quality control observations, safety observations, and project photos to a project report from almost any location, meaning that GC superintendents aren't wasting time and effort tracking down and collating this information on their own.

4. Because It Allows For Greater StoragePaper and even older software programs create bulky files that are difficult to copy and share. Cloud-based internet storage areas can hold the equivalent of the content of eighty-five filing cabinets, meaning that any device can now be an architect's office.

5. Because It Makes Firms MoneyWith time and expenses saved in fewer face to face meetings, data collated more quickly from different sources, and less time spent on reporting in general, document sharing and other features offered by cloud-based software make it a venture well worth investing in.