5 Reasons to Drop Your Pen and Go Digital

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Fans of pen and paper, worry not. Neither are going anywhere anytime soon. But there's no denying that the migration to digital writing has not only proven to be convenient, it's improved communicating as well. It's ensured that more people are seeing and responding to material more quickly. It's ensured that fewer important documents are getting lost, either in transit or storage. The digital writing revolution may not be turning more workers into Ernest Hemingway. But the formats employed allow individuals with a range of writing skills to produce coherent, professional documents.

No one can escape the need to write as part of their profession, and that includes construction industry employees. Sometimes workers in this field must produce reports and other documents under a variety of conditions. To do so these days, they turn to digital tools like Raken. This computer software allows project managers and foremen to complete daily reporting from a variety of locations over a variety of devices. What are some reasons to put Raken's project management software to work for you?

1. Stores Documents For Litigation PurposesNo one wants to prepare for being sued before it happens! But it is a necessary part of doing business. When it does happen, documents are often needed quickly by all parties as part of the discovery and litigation process. Raken's software stores files for up to ten years, making sure that they're viewed only by appropriate parties, and that no document sections are misplaced or damaged.

2. No More Waiting For ReportsWaiting for employees to have time to report to a certain office to complete paperwork used to be one of the biggest reasons for report delays. But with Raken, workers can file from any location, including out of town. Reports can be seen in real time with Raken's software. Not only can they be read more quickly, but this allows for remote report collaboration as well.

3. Keywords Are SearchableSave time in tracking down specific items in large files, by using Raken's search feature to take you directly to the information you need.

4. Safety NotificationsAccidents happen, even on the most diligent sites. Delays in notification can lead to more accidents and make firms vulnerable to litigation. Rake's app can notify a firm's Safety and HR offices as soon as an incident occurs, allowing them to begin taking action on their end.

5. StandardizationIt's hard to do business if everyone within it is doing their own thing. Raken's software allows superintendents, managers, foremen, and contractors to meet without meeting. Professional, complete reports can be produced collaboratively that will meet not only company requirements, but industry standards as well. Construction technology can help.