5 Reasons Why You Should Store Information in the Cloud

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Although construction cloud technology has been around a relatively short time, construction is jumping aboard. And why not? Our industry generates a lot of paperwork. We often find it necessary to store documents for extended periods of time. So it just makes sense to embrace a format that both stores sensitive information and that allows for quick responses and collaboration, even remotely.

More and more in business, that storage format is the "Cloud", a storage model where digital data is kept, protected, and made available to appropriate users across multiple servers and multiple locations. If your firm isn't already taking advantage of this technology, the reasons below will show you why it's time to hop onto the Cloud.

5. Safer and Faster ReportingAs mentioned above, daily construction reporting is an essential (and often tedious) part of projects. Handwritten and "hunt and peck" reports from the field were often unprofessional looking. They were subject to loss and damage. There were often delays in completing them too, when various parties had to contribute data. But construction management software designed by companies like Raken have streamlined all of that. With Raken, report filers can store files and photographs for up to ten years on the Cloud. The reports can be completed on various mobile devices by multiple parties in various locations. And in addition to filing, reports can quickly be viewed and responded to.

4. Be IT Free Even Internet technology needs care and feeding. It needs occasional upgrades and other attention. Most construction firms, especially small ones, don't have the funds to hire an allocated IT person. Construction management software packages make this unnecessary. Not only does the provider store, protect, and make data accessible, it automatically provides upgrades and provides all necessary maintenance at no additional charge.

3. Freedom To TravelWeb-based construction management software isn't confined to a single operating system. This means firm staff and clients can all look at the same data at different locations, using different mobile devices. This means reports and safety warnings can be gotten out more quickly, and more remote meetings and presentations can be conducted.

2. It Saves MoneyYou're a construction firm, not an IT one. So why pay for expensive hardware that takes a full time person to look after, and software you have no need for? Companies like Raken take care of your IT issues, and your software needs can be adjusted to meet the demands of work.

1. It Adds To Your Workload In A Good WayConstruction management software saves a lot of time in filing reports and compiling collaborative data and images. Firms are therefore able to acquire additional projects more quickly.