5 Reasons To Buy Point Solution Software for Construction

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As construction software becomes more and more a daily part of all aspects of a firm's life, its managers are faced with some confusing choices. Just a few years ago, it seemed that software options for construction were very limited. Now it seems that new construction manager software is coming out all the time. So what's the best course of action?

Like many other businesses, a number of construction firms are still using "legacy" or Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs). The premise of these ERP packages is that they can manage all aspects of a project, from payrolls to plans to reports. What users of them have discovered however, is that these construction ERP software's are difficult to use, slow, and not particularly effective as it happens, as a method for completing plans, payrolls, or reports. The good news here is that advances in mobile software technology in recent years, has produced packages that can be used on various devices, produce results quickly and effectively, and that are easy to use and customize. Rather than hang onto creaky ERP packages, it's time for firms to shed them, and acquire use-specific software packages, like Raken for daily reporting. But if you think firm managers may be reluctant to part with good old ERPs, here are a few reasons to convince them with.

5. Specific Software Packages Don't Need Constant UpgradesHow much time (and money) has your firm wasted waiting for upgrades to download to computers? How often have the IT wizards have had to come to the rescue when upgrades don't download properly?

4. Your Employees Are Complaining About The Existing Software SystemThose complaints should be taken seriously. If workers have difficulty using a system or find that it doesn't have features that they need, productivity obviously suffers. Solicit employee needs before purchasing new packages to make sure that they have the tools they need.

3. You're Not Meeting Goals With Existing SoftwareBefore buying a more specific package to correct this though, discuss with staff what tools would be helpful in reaching those goals. Would a mobile app, for example, make it easier to submit those reports on time?

2. Marginal BenefitsIf the marginal benefits derived from specific software programs is larger than those found in your existing software program, you're not getting much benefit from it at all.

1. You're Wasting MoneyIt's hard to let go of a older bulky system limited software program because of all the money initially invested into it. But if you're hanging onto a system that lacks the features your employees need, you're losing that money as well. It's better to invest it instead in well researched specific software packages that will help your firm grow instead of holding it back.