5 Ways to Improve Your Reports With a Mobile App

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Ask the average person on the street what he or she thinks of when they think of construction, and you'll hear "Hard hats". "Jack hammers". "Drills". "Cranes". One of the terms that you won't hear spoken by that layperson is "Daily reports". And that's perfectly understandable. Only someone who works in the industry can truly appreciate how much time is spent out filling out, submitting, and filing construction reports. And no one in the industry disputes how important such reporting is. But that doesn't make it any less tedious and time consuming. In addition, reports compiled in longhand and copied over via the "hunt and peck method" risk being illegible or lost. And of course, lots of reports mean lots of paperwork that must be stored for extended periods of time for both legal and reference reasons.

As they say on those "as seen on T.V." advertisements, there's gotta be a better way. And there is, though not in the form of a juicer or lint remover. Instead, the process of construction daily reporting software has been transformed by construction management apps like Raken's for daily reporting. Read below to see how if construction software for mobile devices can't quite make reporting fun, it can at least make it much easier.

5. Legible And UniformThough those little green notebooks are handy and classic, the cramped handwriting that fills them isn't easy to read. Worse, once it's deciphered by either a typist or the original note taker, it must then be recopied onto the appropriate form, taking up yet more time. Raken's software allows the original reporter to transcribe reports onto uniform and legal forms in real time, cutting out the "middle typist" and saving much time.

4. Allows For CollaborationMore than one person needs to add data to that report but they're in different cities this week and the report is needed tomorrow? With Web-based software like Raken's, staff can collaborate remotely in real time on reports, saving the need for and expense of setting up physical meetings.

3. A Picture Says A Thousand WordsNot all reports need photographs or graphics, but occasionally they do, especially in safety situations. Remember the non-professional look of those copier and cut and paste jobs of years past? Software like Raken's allows for seamless, professional integration of non-textual items.

2. StorageNot only do those boxes or filing cabinets take up a lot of room, they can't truly protect those documents against flood, fire, or insects and mold. Raken's software stores files for up to ten years on a cloud platform, and these files are easily accessible with keyword searches.

1. Streamlined DataHow much time has staff wasted hunched over boxes of files looking for a paragraph of data, only not to find it? Software like Raken's sorts and categorizes data, making it much easier to locate and saving much time.