Advantages of Digitally Storing Daily Logs

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Digital Daily Construction Logs

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Paper isn't permanent. It tears. It burns. It doesn't look too professional after that cup of coffee has been spilled on it. And even after you dry the paper after the flood, and pry all those warped pages apart, will it be readable? Good luck salvaging any of that after a fire. What's that you say? You have multiple copies of those logs, stacked to the roof, in a different location? But what if those handwritten logs have been filled out incorrectly or are illegible? And don't you have better uses for that storage space anyway? You'll get a scanner and copy over these paper documents and store them on a CD? But does a busy staff really have the time to recopy documents, and possibly their mistakes, anyway?

There was a time in the early days of office computing when keeping a hard paper copy of what was being stored on a computer was mandatory. But today's Web based digital technology has made those issues go the way of carbon copies. Take Raken and its construction daily log reporting software, for example.

Easily accessed from mobile phones and tablets, Raken allows project staff to quickly and easily transmit data in the proper report format. No more tracking down little green notebooks in someone else's possession and then trying to decipher their handwriting to complete reports! No more trying to find space for all of those construction log books, notebooks and related documents for years. No more trying to keep these paper records in pristine condition, either. Raken's cloud platform and digital logbook allows these documents to be stored digitally for up to ten years, safely and securely.

And no more going through boxes of contractors log books and documents looking for a single page. Raken software allows for keyword searches, meaning that a single word can have your device scan hundreds of pages of paper and find you the one you need in seconds.

If you're a fan of paper, don't worry, it's not going anywhere. But if you want to save time and money without sacrificing accuracy in reporting, it’s time to go digital by using daily log book software.