Announcing Offline Mode for Raken Daily Reporting

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Raken users take the app with them wherever they go, and sometimes that means they take it out of network range. Whether it's in an elevator shaft or car garage, being on a construction site means you don't always get the best cell reception. However, these are also the places where you need to take photos and add worklogs. To enable our customers to continue using Raken in these situations we're proud to introduce offline mode.

Raken Offline Mode

A Simple Toggle

Offline mode works by caching everything you put into Raken when you're not on a network. That means you can keep using Raken normally - adding photos (the time stamps still work even when offline), making notes, filling out time cards, and assigning tasks. As soon as you're back on a network everything you put in while offline will be automatically synced to the daily report and you're good to go. You can use offline mode on up to 5 of your most recent projects, no matter which plan you're on.

To enable offline mode just download the latest version of Raken on your mobile device. Enter the menu on the left side of the screen and you'll see a toggle for offline mode. Enabling offline mode won't disconnect your phone from its network, it will just allow Raken to keep working the next time you're offline.

Raken Offline Mode

The Superintendent's Best Friend

We added offline mode because we know that superintendents and foremen have begun to rely on Raken and use it throughout their day. We wanted to make it even easier to capture jobsite progress no matter where that jobsite was. We've made the experience so seamless that you shouldn't even notice any change in the app while it's working in offline mode. And when you are back on a cellular/wifi network all that work is immediately relayed back to the office, letting you get back to your day without having to write it all out again.

Customizable RT/OT/DT

We've also been working to make Raken Time Cards more robust and easy to use. This month, we add the ability for Raken users to customize what hours count as regular, over, and double time.

Admins can navigate to time cards settings and see the ability to determine which hours are attributed to each category automatically when superintendents capture hours in the field. If your company determines that regular time is anything under 10 hours, for example, you can make that distinction in the settings and any hours over 10 will get automatically put into overtime. If you determine that any hours over 12 counts as double time you can include that option and Raken will sort the hours accordingly.

Raken RT/OT/DT