Best Mobile Apps for Construction Firms

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If you're a construction professional, odds are you've thought about the role construction technology plays in your firm. You might have wondered how expensive this technology is, what kind of benefit it can actually bring, and whether or not it's worth the effort. The good news is that mobile apps for your construction firm solve the problem.

Mobile apps are some of the most useful construction technologies you could implement. According to the World Economic Forum.

Wherever the new technologies have properly permeated this fragmented industry, the outlook is an almost 20 percent reduction in total life cycle costs of a project, as well as substantial improvements in completion time, quality and safety.

A 20 percent reduction in life cycle costs, faster completion time, as well as increased quality and safety, is well-worth the effort in implementing a mobile app. And the best news is that implementing these technologies is a breeze as all are designed to be easy to use.

In fact, there is an app for just about everything you need to do on site.

Raken Mobile Apps

Raken - for reporting.

Raken is a best-in-breed solution that streamlines field workflows with dozens of useful features all designed for Superintendents to use. Raken's "digital toolbox" connects the field to the office with daily reports, time cards, project insights, photo management, and more.

Clark Construction, AECOM, Skanska, Whiting-Turner, Hensel Phelps, and thousands of the world’s top construction companies use Raken to solve their field reporting needs.

Using Raken, companies can expect to see 100% compliance on their daily reporting and hours saved capturing the most important events from the field.

Construction Master Pro- for calculating.

Construction is a math problem- an advanced math problem that, if you get the answer wrong, structures could come collapsing down.

Luckily the Construction Master Pro app comes with useful shortcuts to calculate length, width, height, arc and other useful construction functions.

In short, Construction Master Pro is a calculator designed for the construction industry and, once you use it, you won't ever want to go back to using anything else to crunch the numbers on site.

Drone Deploy- for the sky.

Seeing this app on our list should be no surprise: drones are some of the most useful pieces of construction technology available, and an almost must-have on large projects.

However, drones can also be an intimidating piece of machinery that require special licenses to own and operate.

One thing that isn't complicated, however, is the app that integrates the drone with your construction site. Drone Deploy lets you share files from your drone (to actually pull the pictures off of the machine) and can apply maps to drone footage for a true view of your site.

Safety Meeting App- for safety.

Safety is, and always should be, at the top of the priority list for any construction firm. While apps like Raken allow their users to make site safety observations in the field and capture them with notes or photos in the app, there is a lot to be said for a dedicated safety program.

Unfortunately, no technology as of yet can make your workers behave more safely. The closest thing that's out there is an app that sends a notification to emergency personnel and contacts as the worker is falling. Useful, but not when it comes to stopping a fall in the first place.

Safety Meeting App allows contractors, project managers, and others to track the safety meetings, accidents, and employee attendance required by law to stop an accident before it happens.

GasBuddy- to find the best gas prices.

Perhaps the most ubiquitous app on the list, GasBuddy was designed to help anyone find the cheapest nearby gas prices.

Those in the construction industry should pay special attention because construction vehicles, by and large, are not the most gas-conscious and saving even pennies on the gallon could lead to big savings for your entire team.

The best part about this app is that even when you're off the site, you can still use it to identify the best gas prices for your drive home.