From Boots on the Ground to Boots up With Raken

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Daily reporting solution

It could be called the "rule of thirds". Company leaders should spend 33 percent of their time networking; 33 percent leading their team; and 33 percent of their time doing hands-on work. Yeah, right. Generally something has to give, and it's typically networking in favor of work.

That can make it hard to build a business, but the Raken Construction App, the No. 1 daily reporting software in the industry, can streamline the oversight of project owners and superintendents in numerous ways:

Remote monitoringOne of the application's most noteworthy features is easing time pressures by allowing remote monitoring of job sites and project progress. This cuts down on travel time between sites and the need for superintendents and owners to actually get their boots on the ground. It also negates the need for frequent physical meetings between on-site managers and project superintendents, and eases the paperwork burden. Co-workers in other locations can upload real-time data that is ultimately packaged in a professional project report.

Eyes-on from afarThe Raken Construction App also has photo features and a streaming capability to allow superintendents to actually get visual confirmation of progress or problems at multiple sites simultaneously.

And the application greatly reduces the paperwork burden. Gone are the days (or they should be) of paper reporting or cumbersome Excel sheets turned in at the end of every day – for multiple projects.

Raken's real-time messaging and email notifications alert project managers of delays, safety violations and missing reports: This means no more excuses if your foreman neglects to turn in routine compliance reports or files reports that are barely decipherable.

And Raken's utility has been proven in the field, according to superintendents, owners and managers who have used the application.

"We now have 100 percent compliance for daily reporting, and the quality of our daily reports has improved significantly," notes Ryan Hill, president of Hill Construction.

Raken can automatically shave an hour off a superintendent's day, and permits owners of construction companies to save vast amounts of travel and meeting times.

So instead of boots-on-the-ground, go boots-up. Raken's construction daily reporting app can win you back time to build your business instead of handling paper compliance reports.

And maybe you can actually follow the rule of thirds.