Case Study: Saving Time and Protecting Construction Firms

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raken egnyte protecting construction firms

The following is an excerpt from our case study: Saving Time and Protecting Construction Firms with Seamless Daily Reporting and File Storage.


Level 10 Construction is a full-service general contractor with offices throughout California, including Silicon Valley, San Francisco and San Diego, with a mission to build at the highest level, consistently providing excellent customer service while delivering quality projects on time and on budget. Using the Raken and Egnyte integration, Level 10 creates and stores daily reports and field documents in a way that saves time, improves visibility of important documentation, and protects them from future litigation.


For construction projects of any size, there are numerous stakeholders and countless documents that must be created, organized, filed, and saved. The challenge is to make sure documents are securely and accurately stored and shared with the correct individuals. Of equal importance is ensuring that documents that can protect the general contractor from costly litigation are being created and safely stored.

Due to their frequency and detail, daily reports offer critical back-up in litigation cases. Often, however, daily reports are handwritten, contain inaccurate information from any number of subcontractors, or are sometimes missed entirely. Additionally, they are a time sink.

Level 10 sought a solution to ensure daily reports, subcontractor dailies, files, photos, and videos were collected and shared accurately with the project managers and owners that need to see them. Additionally, they wanted a way to easily sync these documents to their cloud-based project storage provider, so they could gather all of their important construction documentation in one place.


Egnyte and Raken partnered to solve exactly this problem. Level 10 was already utilizing Raken and Egnyte Connect for its daily reporting and cloud storage solutions, respectively. By taking the next step and deploying the Raken and Egnyte Connect integration, the firm was able to sync a project’s Raken daily reports, subcontractors daily reports (Super Daily), files, videos, and photos with its Egnyte Connect project folder. Files now are automatically organized within a clean folder hierarchy, placing all construction documents into one easy-to-access location.