Choosing Construction Project Management Tools You Can Trust

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construction project management software

construction management software

Until fairly recently, given computer and software technologies of the time and limited internet access, a notebook and mechanical pencil made a perfectly good computer. But the times have changed, and changed very rapidly at that.

Today's computers can double as telephones or watches. They can be taken anywhere, strapped to wrists or placed in pockets. They can be mastered with a minimum of IT ability, meaning workers across the spectrum can quickly learn to use them. And the internet has gone from being a receptacle of fun facts to a place where people do business, quickly transmitting documents and storing them in virtual offices, thanks to web based technology. Because of this, responsibility for documents once enshrined in the main office has been spread more and more across a firm's work staff. This is by no means a bad thing. But it does mean that those main office administrators and their project managers need to be selecting trustworthy and reliable software to use that's a useful work tool. So before purchasing any software, buyers should ask:

  • Does this policy come with a return policy or trial use period?
  • What are the provider's IT policies and responsibilities?
  • Is this software scalable? Will it grow with a business? Can services be cut back on if they're not needed?
  • Can the software be customized to meet specific needs including reports?
  • Can the provider explain and add additional security to the system if needed?

Take Raken's software for daily reporting, for example. Its reporting fields allow for professional reports to be quickly reported from a variety of devices. These reports can be accessed and worked on from a variety of locations, thanks to cloud-based construction technology. And sensitive information is protected by a firewall, and can only be accessed by special user account information, instead of prying eyes. Data can be stored for up to ten years, and easily accessed by keyword whenever it is needed. And its provider offers a free trial of its services to make sure that its a good fit for a subscribing firm.

Other software for contractors are regularly emerging for the construction industry and many of them are good ones. But like any other construction management tool, prudent managers should first research them, to make sure that they're compatible for their particular needs.