How to Collect Daily Reports From Subcontractors Consistently

Collecting Construction Daily Reports

Subcontractors. You can't live without them, so you'd better learn to live with them. That's paraphrasing the old quote a bit, but it's true all the same. As general contractors are relying more and more on subcontractors for the overall success of a construction project, the importance of effectively managing each sub involved on a jobsite is increasingly important. You've already learned how to write a construction report, now we have tips on how to collect your reports for subcontractors.

Collecting Daily Construction Reports from Subcontractors

It's therefore in the best interests of a GC to establish a good relationship with the same subcontracting firms and work with them on project after project. This not only ensures that construction managers can quickly subcontract electricians and plumbers when they need them, but that they can count on them for consistent quality work. Staying on good terms with the various subs and trades on a jobsite requires:

  • On-time payment
  • Treat them with respect
  • Be better communicators
  • Make all required paperwork and processes easier

You think it can be frustrating getting your superintendents to submit reports correctly and on time? Pity the poor subcontractor supervisor who is trying to juggle multiple report requests from multiple jobs that often require that they be submitted in different formats? Is it any wonder then that many GC superintendents are handed subcontractor "daily reports" that are handwritten or printed out on spreadsheets, and very often are lacking needed data? And these incompatible reporting systems mean that GC staffs can't easily access, store, or transmit this subcontractor information to other parties.

But Raken, the company that offers construction software for daily reporting, has a solution. Its Super Daily program allows all of a general contractor's subcontractor teams to submit data to the same report seamlessly at no cost to them. This means that managers and superintendents get the daily data that they need in the required formats without having to hunt it down. And a subcontractor will find that Subcontractor Daily Report Super Daily's fields are not only password protected, but super easy to use and edit, making it more likely that subcontractor dailies will indeed be done on a daily basis. Even better, Super Daily's fields allow GC and subcontractor work to be looked at side by side in the same report fields. Subcontractor comments and photographs can be submitted as well, creating an even more streamlined look for report readers. Subcontractor data even appears in a streaming newsfeed format here.

This software may not solve all GC/subcontractor conflicts. But everyone will appreciate software that resolves report problems, gets subcontractors paid on time, improves communications, and makes it easier to collaborate in true partnerships. With Super Daily Report Forms for Construction, general contractors and subcontractor teams may soon be quoting that immortal line from Casablanca about the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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