Collecting Construction Daily Reports from Subcontractors with Super Daily

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raken subcontractor daily reporting

When it comes to reporting on a construction site, curveballs are constantly thrown when collecting daily reports from subcontractors. Different firms have different ways of doing daily reporting and this quickly becomes an issue when general contractor superintendents have to spend extra time every day deciphering and transcribing these reports into a format that aligns with their own.

You know how it goes... one subcontractor will give you an excel spreadsheet daily report, another subcontractor will give you a paper daily report in their own format, another subcontractor will text you a daily report, and another subcontractor may email you a PDF daily report. The last thing you want to do at the end of the day or the end of the week is to go through these reports, sort them, and transcribe that information into your own construction reporting system.

But it doesn't have to be so difficult and disorganized. Imagine if all of your subcontractors were doing their daily reports in the exact same format, with the same standardized look, all automatically feeding into your master daily report without you even asking for it. Surprise! That's what Raken does, and it all starts with the importance of jobsite connectivity.

Jobsite Connectivity

Construction isn't a business where profit margins are through the roof. Let's be real, margins are small, and projects need to be executed on time and on budget for money to be made. With that being said, the little things count and one of the most important little things is daily reporting.

Construction field management is all about efficiency and communication... daily reporting plays one of the biggest parts in that process. It's critical for a project manager or superintendent to stay up to date on everything that is going on at the jobsite, especially when there is a bottleneck or some kind of hiccup. Often times these issues get looked over, not documented, or miscommunicated, resulting in lost time, lost money, and longer project scope. Even if there are no hiccups, the time spent double entering these subcontractor's daily reports into your own system is an inefficient process in itself.

subcontractor working on daily report

Making sure subcontractors are communicating effectively with you isn't easy due to the traditional way of messy, scattered reports and poor communication practices. Instead of having to spend more time and energy cleaning up this process, Raken has made a way for you to set report-collection on cruise control and focus on what's really important, the project at hand. Here's how: Raken Super Daily.

Super Daily

Completely standardized, beautiful, and clean daily reports across the board for all subcontractors and superintendents are in the same conversation as unicorns and bigfoot. It just doesn't happen.

Behold, the unicorn of construction daily reporting. With Raken's Super Daily feature, you are able to add all of your subcontractors to your Raken project... for free.

Inviting your Subcontractors to Raken is easy, just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open your project in Raken
  2. Click on "+ Member"
  3. Choose "Outside Collaborator"
  4. Enter their information
  5. Click send

And you're all set! The subcontractor will get an email with all of the information they need to access that Raken project and start submitting their dailies faster and better than ever before.

subcontractor daily report in the field

Oh, and you can also do all of that on mobile, so you can add subcontractors to your project no matter where you are.

And with Super Daily, the daily reports your subcontractors fill out in Raken will be automatically collected and collated right in your daily report. No more having to chase down guys on site to collect scattered dailies- it's all handled in Raken.

Fast Daily Reports for Subcontractors

It's not uncommon when general contractor superintendents or project managers try and implement new technology for their superintendents or foremen in the field it's met with pushback. The pushback comes in a variety of complaints: "I've already got a system," it's expensive," or the most common of all being "I can't figure it out."

Raken has addressed each of these problems with one simple principle: being easy to use.

By allowing them to do their dailies faster than pen-and-paper, an old spreadsheet, or a complicated program Raken saves foremen and superintendents in the field valuable time all while still producing clean, professional daily reports. Raken streamlines the reporting process, capturing the events faster in the field and automatically communicating them back to the office in dashboards and daily reports. All they have to do is try it: even if your subcontractors already have a system, Raken will save them time and you the stress of having to collect reports in various formats.

Getting your subcontractors on board with Raken is easy because, as we mentioned, it comes at no cost to them, eliminating the "it's expensive" argument. They can use an award-winning daily reporting app for free that is easier for both them and you: it's a win-win.

The most common complaint, where the foreman can't figure out how to use the app, is where Raken really shines. Raken was designed to be a "download and go" solution: no lengthy training sessions, no endless manuals to read through. It's so easy to use that anyone, and we mean anyone, can download the app and be adept at using it within an hour or two.

Easy Construction Field Reporting

Everything we've been saying can be backed up with real stories from the field. For example, John Albert, the founder of Unified Building Group, said "We did a project and one of the subs didn't communicate well at all, and he easily adopted Raken," Albert observes, noting "If he can use it, I'm hooked. Raken has allowed even our unsophisticated subcontractors to add photos to their daily reports. Raken is real information. It's simple but at the same time so adaptable that all of our subcontractors can use it." Albert and his team have so much faith in using Raken with their subcontractors that they have made it part of their contracts: if the subs don't use Raken, they don't get paid.

raken subcontractor case study

The guys in the field love Raken, and not just at UBG. Take Anthony Solesbee at Alta Construction, who said "At first, we were a little nervous just because in construction it's been the same way for such a long time, but I can say after using Raken we love it, and you know it was really easy to learn. We had a superintendent meeting, took a couple hours, and everyone had it down. It was that simple. We're proud of the work we do, and we can be proud of the daily reports that we send because they're so clean. Raken makes our job so much easier."

So give Raken with Super Daily a try and see just how easy it can be collect construction daily reports automatically.