Construction Field Management 101: Software for the Field

Life in construction management can get extremely hectic and running the show is a lot more difficult than it may look. Luckily, there are solutions out there that make this process much less grueling. We're here to explore the remedy for this issue. But first, let's run over the basics.

What is Construction Field Management?

Construction field management is a tactical process that, as a strength, can be wondrous for your business or, as a weakness, can seriously dent your efficiency and have many negative consequences. Field management includes but is not limited to overseeing a construction project, monitoring day-to-day activities, communicating with subcontractors and owners, and keeping the field in sync with the office.

There's always a variety of moving parts during the span of a day on a construction site, making it hard to keep up. Multiple teams work on different projects at different times and when anything goes wrong, it can throw the whole project off track. Things gets even more interesting when you have to fill out reports about what happened with all those crews throughout the day.

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What Role Does Daily Reporting Have in Construction Field Management?

A major part of construction field management is the process of daily reporting. It's also the most common source of headaches for many superintendents and foremen who must keep track of every single thing that happens on the jobsite every day. But this process shouldn't be the worst part of the day. Rather, it should be one of the easiest. There's just no way around daily reporting, it has to be done and is crucially important for a number of reasons, including:

  • Keeping project progress on track.
  • Protecting from litigation and disputes for years after project completion.
  • Communicating project progress and updates with owners, engineers, payroll administrators, and other important players involved in the job.

It's also important to know what information to include in a daily report so that you're not forgetting any crucial parts:

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Software for Daily Reporting

We know that construction field management is a fiery juggling act, and we know that daily reporting is a crucial part of that process, so what is the best option for software to help with daily reporting? While searching for construction field management apps, it's important to know what to look for because if you choose the wrong software program, you'll only be creating more headaches for yourself.

There are a few aspects of a construction daily reporting app that you should be examining before taking the plunge:

Easy to Use and Implement

We all know how complicated and frustrating software can be, so it's extremely important to have software that can plug-and-play right into your daily process. Obviously, it takes time to implement software and learn how to use it but it's critical to find software that can be picked up and used on the job very quickly, like Raken. Customers have stated that training and implementation for Raken's daily reporting app takes under an hour to figure out and begin using. This aspect of software is critically important, because no one wants to spend weeks or even months in on-boarding time.

Going hand in hand with implementation is the overall ease of use. Daily reporting is a time consuming process but it's not rocket science, so why make it confusing? Daily reporting software should be simple, easy to operate, and borderline fun, or else it defeats the purpose of getting software in the first place.

Problem Solving, Not Problem Causing

Imagine spilling coffee all over some nice white carpet. It's a mess and you're going to need something to help alleviate the stain. You go to the store and quickly choose a carpet cleaning solution only to find out that when you use it, it ruins your carpet even more, creating a much bigger problem than you started with. The same goes for construction field management and daily reporting software. Some technological remedies for daily reporting solve an efficiency issue, have great support teams, and make life ten times easier, while others have poor customer support, are extremely confusing, difficult to integrate, and end up causing you further problems in the end.

Trusted By Other Construction Professionals

Purchasing construction management app software is a high-involvement purchase, meaning it's a big deal. When making big purchasing decisions, it's usually advised to look to trusted reviews sources for what you're looking to buy so that you can hear what customers have to say about the product. For most products, this means Amazon, for restaurants, this means Yelp. For web based construction management software, this means Capterra. Capterra offers real, quality reviews from actual customers who have used the apps you are considering. This gives you a consumer's perception of what the software is really like, how well it works, and the likelihood of them recommending it to someone else.


Construction field management tools won't be very effective unless they are optimized for mobility. Being able to walk a jobsite while recording data, taking photos and video, completing daily reports, and managing tasks all on a phone or tablet is a huge benefit of construction app software. Boundless mobility will increase efficiency and save an incredible amount of time. A cherry on top of mobility is the ability work offline on the jobsite as well. Construction sites don't always have wifi, or sometimes don't have any wifi at all, so it's important to get a digital tool that can work for you even when there is no connectivity.

There's nothing relaxing about field management in construction, but thankfully there is software available that will drastically reduce time spent reporting, chasing down daily reports, filling out time cards, and stressing about remembering what happened throughout the day on the jobsite. Know what to look for, read trusted reviews, and make your job easier by mobilizing your construction field management with intuitive software like Raken. Start with a 15-day free trial to streamline your field management and enjoy your days at the jobsite a whole lot more.

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