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construction industry trends in 2015

As the clock runs out on 2014, what are construction industry analysts seeing as emerging trends for the coming year?

5. Going GreenMore and more homeowners and businesses want their new structures to be environmentally correct and energy efficient. In the state of California in fact, this desire is a law. Construction firms using environmentally sound building practices and materials are not only guaranteeing themselves work in 2015, but for years to come.

4. Building Information Modeling (BIM)BIM is an intelligent, 3-D digital model that conducts workers through all stages of a building project. Appropriate for use either in the office or on-site, this software has been available for several years, but has only recently come into its own in the construction agency, whose use of it now exceeds that of architects. Contractors credit BIM with a reduction in omissions and errors in documents, as well as reduction in rework, increasing productivity.

3. InfrastructuresBig projects are coming up here in the next several years, all across the United States. The types of infrastructure work vary by region, with lots of highway and bridge rehab in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic, highway and tunnel construction in parts of the South, and dredging projects and marine construction in the Gulf Coast area.

2. Goodbye, Foreign OilNew innovations in drilling and digging have allowed access to huge reserves of natural petroleum within the United States. As pipelines continue to expand across the country, business is expected to be booming for pipeline contractors and industrial firms, to the point where there are concerns about finding skilled workers. Other beneficiaries: construction firms specializing in hotel and home building for all those skilled workers.

1. RakenIt's hard to believe that there was a time when no one knew what an "app" was. Today of course, there's one for almost every conceivable need. Raken is the app that has quickly replaced notebooks and yes, typewriters as the must have tool for construction companies. Everyone either owns or at least has access to smart phones or other mobile devices these days, and the Raken app is accessible for iPhone on the iTunes store as well as for Androids on the Google Play store. This means site supervisors can file professional looking daily reports much more easily and quickly. Project managers can access those reports and other time sensitive information immediately.