#EmpowerTheField: How Construction Software Helps You Stay on Your Game

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During the month of April, we're going to be discussing ways to empower the field through technology, leadership, and organization. Raken aims to empower users to do their jobs as efficiently as possible, and in the field, that means cutting out the time wasted on outdated reporting and recording methods. We believe in a bottom-up approach, and think that successful project management starts in the field. This means that superintendents play one of the most significant roles in the process, and as the tie between the field and the office, it is crucial that all reports are thorough and professional.

Communication is Key

With endless piles of paperwork, information is bound to get lost in the shuffle, leading to miscommunications that could be detrimental to the progress of a construction project. Anything from incorrectly documented manpower hours to forgotten materials used could cause a catastrophic error in a project, causing delays, or worse, potential safety issues. If a super wants to ensure that all onsite information makes it to the office, it's time to put down the pen and paper. In this day and age, it really is best to utilize a construction software that facilitates communication between the jobsite and the office, and of all available options, Raken is by far the most field-minded. We're aware that in order for superintendents to stay on top of their game, they need a solution that is fast, easy, and useful for every person involved in a project.


Daily Reporting and Super Dailies Save the Day

Because supers are responsible for reporting any jobsite events to the PM, if something goes wrong, the blame often falls upon their shoulders, regardless of what really caused the issue. Of course, there are all sorts of factors that can cause problems onsite, but reports that are poorly organized or aren't thorough certainly can play a role in mishaps. Sometimes, observations or mental notes can be forgotten when superintendents walk the jobsite and then try to document what they've seen. Although 'super' is in the job title, superintendents are only human, after all.

In other instances, subcontractors may hand over incomplete dailies, or forget to submit them at all. Even though subs are in charge of filling out their own dailies, it is still the super's job to collect them and send them to the project manager, who might not always be aware of how difficult it can be to wrangle in all of these reports at the end of the day.

With Raken, subs enter their dailies in the app, and supers can view them as soon as they are submitted. There's no need for a physical meeting each time a sub finishes a daily, and supers don't have to spend their whole afternoon finding subs for their reports. By using Raken's daily reporting tool, workers in the field are empowered to submit thorough dailies within a matter of minutes, so everyone can just finish their duties for the day and head home. Through the Super Daily feature, all of the subs' reports are combined and collated with the super's notes for the day. This eliminates mega time suck of double or triple entry, and ensures that no vital information slips through the cracks.


You Do Your Job, Raken Does the Rest

Raken wants to empower those in the field to complete their work in a timely manner, but we make sure that this is done without sacrificing any quality or aesthetic, which are common concerns with other construction management software programs. In fact, reports for the office have never looked better. Within the app, users can customize their projects by changing colors and logos to match company branding, so all content created is sharp and professional. Once a super completes each day's report, new information is automatically uploaded to the project's dashboard.

Owners, company executives, project managers, and anyone else with access to the dashboard will be wowed by a tidy display of a jobsite's progress, with clear, concise data in a real-time newsfeed. Obviously, this type of streamlined progress tracking wasn't possible before construction software innovations, and with many programs, recording this data still requires extra effort. We know supers have a lot going on, so to alleviate some of the stress, Raken takes care of the busy work, and makes it look real good.

Stay on Top of Your Game with Raken

Empowering the field means that we want those working out on the jobsite to be able to accomplish more, in less time, while delivering valuable results. Going the extra mile used to be synonymous with taking extra time on a project, but with Raken, users can go even further without wasting any precious work hours. Whether the goal is to stay organized, impress the office, or save time, Raken is here to help those in the field stay on top of their game and get in, get it done, and get home.