Construction Technology Trends of 2015

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There's no escaping that technology. Or keeping up with it either. It seems that there's a hot new product on the market every five minutes. But are these truly useful new technological innovations or just flashes in the pan? And can the construction industry, still essentially doing work in the same way make use of any of it?

The answer to that question is yes, with a caveat. Construction remains a profession where the majority of its work is outside, often in rugged and remote conditions. It is not always easy to set up field offices utilizing electronic technology under such circumstances. This certainly should not discourage managers from using it, but it does mean that homework should be done before hand to determine what technologies work best at sites. Below are some construction technology trends and products that people have been talking about in 2015. You’ll be sure to see a lot more of these construction trends of 2015 at sites in future.

PhabletIf a smartphone and a tablet had a baby, they'd name it after both sides of the family! "Phablets" have the collaborative capacity of a tablet but a smaller screen. This smaller size makes them handier to tote around construction sites and they are being seen more frequently at them.

Augmented RealityAs wonderful as BIM and similar programs are, they still need to be accessed over computers, laptops, or hand held mobile devices. But with the advent of Google Glass and other augmented reality devices wearers can view images hands free.

Tag, You're ItNFC, or near-field communications are creating great buzz within the industry these days. A "tag" transmits data to a NFC enabled device (such as a smart phone) which then translates the data to a readable format for its user. Such technology is expected to be especially useful for inspecting deliveries or conducting supply inventories since individual items don't have to be removed and logged in. NFC is expected to offer big savings both in time and manpower at sites.

RakenOne thing all this impressive new technology can't take away is the need for daily reporting. Raken's construction apps for reporting software can be used on a number of mobile devices. It's easy to use and can save an hour a day in report filing. Its reports are produced in a uniform format and can be stored for up to ten years. And Raken reports are produced in real time which allows for rapid reviewing and collaborative work, reducing the time and expense of physical meetings.