It's Construction Workflow, Not Construction Work Slow

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With constant evolution in the construction industry, adaptation is more important than ever. Although the foundations have stayed pretty much the same, new technologies and systems have improved significantly, changing at an exponential rate in recent times. It was only within the last few centuries that the standard systems of measurement were set, and power tools weren't invented until the turn of the 20th century. While our contemporary feats of construction are incredible, just think about having to complete a big project with no electricity, little funding, and frequent crew turnover.


This was the situation that those working in construction faced in the middle ages in Europe when building masterpieces such as the Notre Dame and Duomo di Milan cathedrals, and yet, not only were these buildings completed, but also have stood the test of time. Thankfully, we can utilize our modern tools and procedures, so life is easier and projects are completed faster. Communication tools have never been so accessible, and construction workflows are at a rate of efficiency that would be impossible without technological innovations like the internet, mobile devices, and apps.


Construction Workflow Innovations

Out in the field, adopting modern tools and equipment to improve construction workflow efficiency has been a no brainer. Modern machinery is much safer and more effective than its ancestors, making an immeasurable impact on the construction industry. However, when it comes to inventions made for the administrative aspects of working a jobsite, it's pretty common for supers and foremen to hesitate to switch up their routines.

In general, when individuals are prompted to go digital as a replacement for the long-used analog method, there is pushback, only because to many, the word "software" causes flashbacks of struggling with dial-up, confusing data-entry systems, impossible to read manuals, and our dear old friends the floppy disc. If 1998 was the last time you tried to use a construction management software, I can assure you that just like power tools, computer technology has come a long, long way.

Nowadays, technology is moving toward being user-friendly for everybody. We may not like to admit it, but nearly every aspect of our lives has had some sort of benefit from the digital age, be it medical advancements, communication aids, or tools that help us get our jobs done faster. With computers, or even just our smartphones, we have the whole world at our fingertips, giving us the ability to complete tasks in minutes that used to take us hours.

As far as construction goes, there are a plethora of softwares designed for project organization, but most were designed with the office in mind, and their field reporting functions almost seem like an afterthought. That's why we created Raken specifically for the guys who are out on the jobsite all day and can't afford to spend extra time trying to deal with an office-focused computer program.

In turn, when superintendents use the Raken app to improve construction workflow, the office also reaps its benefits by gaining full access to thorough, organized onsite updates and information through the web app.

How Raken Changes Your Workday

Your construction workflow has probably been pretty much the same on every project you've worked on. Between managing the jobsite, communicating with the office, and gathering reports from subs, there's a lot on every super's plate, and sitting in the trailer to fill out paperwork at the end of the day is the last thing they want to do. We get it, which is why we want to be able to eliminate that last step from the process.


Get Back to the Things You Love

Imagine going back to the 1200s and showing the builders some of our modern technological advancements. If you told them that you were able to complete huge construction projects in a matter of months, and that there were machines to help make manual labor easier, they'd never believe you. Now, imagine visiting the year 2002 and telling a superintendent that with one little device, you could order food, contact your family, and even submit your daily reports. If you then told them that you're still choosing to submit your dailies the mundane, old-fashioned way, they'd think you were crazy. Why not take advantage of this tool designed specifically to help speed up construction workflow? We often take our modern luxuries for granted, and sometimes it takes a little perspective to see how fortunate we are to have the convenience of accessing the entire world in the palms of our hands.

Think about all the hours you've spent over the years chasing down subs, uploading photos, filling out dailies, and emailing the office. Now, think about getting those hours back. When you use Raken, your administrative duties can be done while you work, instead of afterwards. You get to leave the jobsite at the same time as everyone else, with the confidence that you've submitted a professional, organized daily report. What will you do with your newfound free time? Maybe you fire up the grill and have burger night with your family, perhaps you grab a beer with the boys, or both! With Raken, you get to do your job better and faster, making extra time for the things you love.