Contractors Saving Time and Money with Mobile Technology

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save time and money with mobile technology

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It seems just yesterday that mobile technology arrived on the scene. Wait. It was just yesterday that mobile technology arrived on the scene. And despite its relative newcomer status and some performance glitches in its early days, mobile devices today are more reliable and convenient than ever. So much so, more and more businesses are using them in place of chained-to-a-desk conventional computers for work. The construction industry has been a little slow to embrace this mobile technology revolution, however. But they could and should make up for lost time because mobile devices and their software apps help contractors to:

Be More EfficientFor starters, contractors no longer have to stop and go to the only land line on a work site or hunt neighborhoods for pay phones if they have to make an important telephone call. And the smartphones and other mobile devices that make these almost everywhere calls possible have other uses, too.  American contractor software apps like the one designed by Raken allow construction firm staff to file and amend daily reports from a number of locations.

Save Time And MoneyAnd being able to use one device for more than one function isn't just efficient, it has other benefits, too. By utilizing Raken's app over mobile devices, sixty minutes a day can be saved completing daily reports. By enabling more people to complete these reports, less money has to be spent on administrative staff. And because these reports can be saved for years online, there's less need to rent physical space for file storage.

Meet Compliancy RequirementsThose who write and file construction reports know that there is only one right way to do them, especially since these reports may need to be produced and examined later. With Raken's app, the report fields are 100% compliant with industry standards, to insure that the final product is uniform, legible, and correct.

Avoid Litigation ExpensesThose properly filled out reports make great evidence, but they may never need to be used as such. With a complete and accurate paper trail to follow, the path may not lead to court, saving thousands of dollars in legal costs.

Digital DocumentationPaper is up there with civilization's greatest inventions, but it's not without its flaws. It's not especially immune to the ravages of time and exposure to fire, water, and even insects. Plus it does pile up, and where can it all be stored? Digital technology in the construction industry however, allows files to be stored online, reducing storage needs and protecting them from being destroyed. Raken's cloud technology allows these files to be digitally stored for up to ten years, and easily accessed with keywords, meaning that crucial files can easily be found without hours of searching through boxes.