Are Daily Reports the Most Important Document in Construction?

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If you were to poll construction industry workers as to what the most glamorous and exciting job on a construction site was, the keeping of daily logs probably wouldn't be mentioned. In fact, most workers tasked with the writing and filing of daily reports would tell you that it's a fairly thankless task. And truly, do the fruits of all of that hard labor even get looked at? It seems that a lot of that data goes from spread sheets to filing cabinets, never to be seen again, with the exception of a stakeholders' report, or a court case.

But as unglamorous as those reports may seem, they are vital to the successful completion of construction projects. Reports and daily logs chronicle the life of a construction project, from the weather of the day, to the number of people working, to the progress made on the project, and more. For people who will never or seldom set foot on a project site, such as stakeholders, daily reports in construction provide a view of the project that they’re investing their money in.

And stakeholders are not the only reading audience of these reports. In the unfortunate occurrence of litigation, daily reports can form the backbone of a successful defense for contractors. They can also help contractors prevail as plaintiffs, too, by showing courts a project's history, ranging from actual work progress to delivery delays. And daily reporting provides an archive for employees to refer to when having to revisit past projects or produce something similar.

So, these reports are important. But still tedious to do. And often inconvenient, as formal report forms can't often be completed in the field, leading to losing time traveling between offices to do so. All this repeated filing of the same report also increases that chance that some of this information will be lost, or at least lead to a filing delay. And when that report is finally filed, it's often awkwardly stored, making specific reports hard to find and access.

Fortunately, with the advent of the digital revolution, these documents are now much easier to complete, file, access, and store. Raken‘s construction reporting software allows superintendents and foremen to file reports with mobile devices in the field, cutting down on travel time and expense. Raken makes creating construction reports easy. Raken reports used real time and industry approved fields, meaning that they're timely, correct, and easy to read. And with Raken's cloud technology, reports can be stored online for up to ten years, and are easily accessed. So while report writing may never be glamorous, with Raken, writers have the satisfaction of knowing that they're providing a document that saves time and money, and contributes to the running of an efficient and profitable site. Sign up to try a free trial of Raken today.