Don't Go Old-School – Lose That Pen and Paper and Get the Raken App

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Pencils are old-school. We're talking really old – like 5,000 years, according to After images came basic writing tools to communicate, then quills and reeds and the pencils and ink pens we know today.

Don't be a throwback to the days of papyrus and quills. Lose that pen and paper and get on the cutting edge of construction-project management with the Raken application for tablets, phones and laptops.

Raken developed its No. 1 daily reporting software to reduce inefficiencies and streamline the management of construction projects, from skyscrapers to sidewalks.

Project managers have plenty to contend with: weather; cost overruns; change orders; leadership challenges; and glitches with communication in the construction industry. The Raken App can cover each of those potential pitfalls and eliminate reams of paperwork.

Even if you are somewhat technologically challenged, the Raken App is an easy fix for the contractor daily report form paperwork and other data entry that eats up time and money.

And if you are not a fan of the paper trail, you are not alone. "I was a glorified babysitter chasing daily reports before we started using the Raken App," said Lynette Schillewaert, principal at Midwest Borings.

As a project manager, you've got other things to worry about without being glued to a clipboard and transcribing hours of data each week. In fact, it looks like rain, and that subcontractor never showed up. Maybe you should note that on your Raken App. It’s a useful construction manager app!