How Eliminating Paperwork Can Save You Thousands

daily reporting"What's this? Construction project paperwork is not only tedious, it's financially wasteful, and should be stopped? Quick, grab the confetti and turn up the music!"

Alright, alright, stop that happy dancing. Don't misunderstand us. We're not implying that project documentation has suddenly become obsolete. If anything, timely and complete documentation is more important than ever within our evolving industry. But there's a better way of doing it. Construction software allows users to now complete daily, weekly, monthly, and special reports more quickly and legibly. And a software product like Raken for daily reporting allows for documentation in real time, plus features like streaming video. This means that these digital reports are often the next best thing to being physically present on a daily basis on a job site. Getting those tedious reports done more easily certainly sounds like a plus. But software packages like Raken don't just save time, they can save firms considerable amounts of money as well. Below we describe how to save money in construction:

Paper Is PriceyPaper is one of mankind's greatest inventions, but its acquisition is not cheap, either environmentally or financially. What we think of as "office paper" comes by the ream, and those reams aren't cheap. Prices vary depending on paper quality, but reams generally run between $8-$16. The average office goes through about twenty reams of paper a year, per person. Assuming that your staff of twenty is using the cheapest paper, that still adds up to an annual paper cost of $3,200.

"Old School" Paperwork Makes More WorkOne of the reasons that paperwork has been so disliked is that it often has to be done again and again. Because of the lack of a field office at many sites, reports often start out as scribbled notes, which have to be rewritten when the reporter returns to the office. And if those notes aren't transcribed properly, they have to be rewritten. Again. And aside from reports, many other forms of paperwork, like drawings and RFIs have to be copied over to various paper formats repeatedly. Studies have shown that construction companies spend billions of dollars annually both on this copying process and correcting errors made while doing so.

Reduce LitigationMillion dollar construction litigation suits have increased by twenty percent over the last decade. Given the amount of paperwork related to such cases, digital paperwork can save considerable money in terms of transmittal and storage. And given that many suits happen over misunderstandings and poor communication, using paperwork software packages to create complete, readable reports might actually help to reduce the number of these suits themselves. There are many construction software benefits with the use of our Raken app!

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