#EmpowerTheField: Getting the Most Out of Your Construction Software

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So you've made the leap and purchased construction software, but now you're wondering how to get your money's worth. Like any tool used on the jobsite, you must learn how to use construction management software in order to get the most out of it. What's the use of an excavator if you don't know how to turn it on, or a brand new drill if you don't know what bit to use? For equipment, you can take how-to classes, or read the instruction manual. For software, you are given educational materials that serve as digital instruction manuals, and onboarding processes with lessons catered to what you need to know.

If you aren't taking advantage of these resources, you probably aren't truly getting everything you could out of your construction project management software, which is essentially like buying a new sports car and driving it like a 1993 station wagon. And if you aren't really utilizing the program you've purchased, you can bet that your subcontractors aren't either. It's important to make sure that you are properly using this new tool, so you can show your subs how beneficial it can be. Empowering the field through construction software starts with gaining a solid foundation of understanding of the program itself.


It Helps to Know What You're Doing

The whole point of adopting modern technology into managing your projects is to organize work, simplify processes, and cut out wasted time. Your life will become a heck of a lot easier once you know how to use each feature of your construction software, but if you are blindly attempting to work your way through the program, you'll likely just end up frustrated and with a case of buyer's remorse. When you take the time to review resources and talk to representatives whose sole jobs are to assist you, you'll find the whole experience much more enjoyable.

When you subscribe to a service like Raken, you're doing more than just downloading an app. Our Raken customer success representatives are with you every step of the way, and are able to provide as much or as little support as you may need. Our onboarding process is quick and painless, and you will definitely be using the app within the first day of downloading it, but we want to be there in case you have any qualms or hiccups navigating Raken. During your first few months of using Raken, a dedicated member of our CS team will check in with you periodically, just to make sure you are fully getting the hang of the app, and to answer any questions you may have. If anything arises between or after these calls, you can always reach out through our website. We think that fully grasping the ins and outs of the app is the best way to truly make the most of your purchase, and we're happy to help you get there.

If you are looking for general overviews on our features, we've got a bunch of great tutorial videos, like this one about Raken Super Dailies, which collate subcontractors' reports, maximizing convenience for superintendents:

Super Daily - Overview from Raken on Vimeo.

You Have to Get the Crews On Board

Another way to get the most out of your construction software is to ensure that you are providing your subs with ample opportunity to test it out. It can be tricky to get your subcontractors to warm up to the idea of using a new program, especially if they aren't particularly fond of modern technology, or if they've had a bad experience with a different software on another project. With an app like Raken, its super easy to get crews involved, because of how user-friendly it is to use, but this starts with your introduction. If you don't explain that this app is designed to empower users in the field to get their jobs done faster, the odds are they won't even be willing to give it a chance. We're proud to offer a 15-day free trial, which gives the whole team a chance to try before you buy.

A construction management software's potential is limited if only part of the team is using it. For field reporting, if some subs are still submitting dailies and time cards old-fashioned way, you're still going to be stuck sifting through those dreaded piles of handwritten notes, albeit smaller than before. Only by getting all of your subs and their crews to switch over will you be getting the absolute most out of your purchase. By using positive leadership to get the whole team on board, you will be a lot happier with your investment, and everyone's day will become easier.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Do you think you're getting the most out of your construction software? In order to be positive that you are maximizing your investment, its imperative that you take the time to thoroughly understand each feature that your software has to offer. Once you feel empowered to successfully incorporate this program into your daily routine, it will be no problem to get your subs to use it, and the new, more efficient, workflow will be a breeze. If you're paying for a construction software service, you deserve to get your money's worth, and we've got your back. Raken was created to make life better for workers in the field, and as a part of that, we made the app super simple to get used to, so you can get the most bang for your buck, saving time and money right away.