Google Drive and Raken Integration

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google drive raken integration

Do you have work logs, photos, and other important documents stored in Google Drive? Good, we have made this just for you. We are excited to provide an integration possibility with Google Drive's collaborative cloud software.

google drive raken integration  Through using the Google Drive and Raken integration, users will be able to add their photos, Raken daily reports, time cards, and Super Daily subcontractor reports to their Google Drive account. This feature will save time and allow the customer to seamlessly integrate their Google Drive account with Raken. 

Benefits of the Google Drive and Raken Integration

Google Drive is one of, if not the most utilized cloud feature available. That being said, it only makes sense that we would build an integration with this platform to make the transferring and storage of your files simple, easy, and automatic. Instead of having to worry about keeping all of your assets in separate cloud locations, connect the Raken + Google Drive integration to automatically upload all of your construction daily reports into your Google Drive every night. 

The benefits of this integration are: 

  • Saving time transferring files between the Raken app and Google Drive
  • Ensuring compliance 
  • Securely access and manage daily reporting files
  • Automatically send reports from Raken to your Google Drive every night

How to Integrate Google Drive and Raken

Integrating Google Drive and Raken is a simple 5 step process. If you already have a Google and Raken account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click “Company” then “Synced Accounts”
  3. Select the arrow for “Cloud Services”

google drive integration construction raken

  1. Click “Connect” and enter your Google domain

google drive raken login

  1. Click “Authorize” to allow Raken to send files to your Google Drive account.

It's as easy as that. Google Drive will now receive your Raken reports every night. If you don't have a Raken account and would like to see how well this integration can work for you, download a free 15-day trial today. There's integrations and a whole lot more with Raken, learn more about all of our greatest features and see how our construction daily reporting software can help you.