Here's Why Your Superintendents Aren't Using Your Construction Software

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We all have that one thing in life that makes us cringe at the very sound of its name. Whether it be nails on a chalkboard, the texture of getting some sand when you bite into seafood, or the sound of a never-ending car alarm, everyone has their own thing. For a lot of superintendents, this cringe-worthy phrase is construction management software. Construction management software in itself just sounds like a daunting thing, especially for people in an industry who have been doing things by hand since the stone age, including field management and reporting.

There is often a lot of pushback received when trying to get superintendents or foremen to use software, regardless of how potentially efficient the technology can make them. Let's look into the simple reasons why it's a pain for them and learn how to easily cure that pain.

The Causes for Cringe with Construction Management Software

There are a couple of big problems with construction management software these days: complexity and implementation. The big all-in-one software solutions in the construction industry are mostly geared towards the design, architectural, blueprinting, scheduling, and overall project scope aspects of a construction project, and they do those very well. They also have solutions for the people in the field, but these field management and reporting solutions tend to be complex to learn and difficult to use when they should be the simplest to learn and easiest to use.


It's become common knowledge for a lot of superintendents and foremen that construction management software solutions are complex and difficult to get used to and when it comes to construction projects, collecting data is essential, so it needs to be easy for the people with boots on the ground.

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With a variety of modules, too many options, and a lot of features that have nothing to do with what field workers are doing, all-in-one construction management software platforms can be extremely overwhelming. When guys in the field are trying to complete daily reports or track time for their crews, they run into a clunky nightmare of a program, resulting in frustration and an unwillingness to collect the data.


Implementing construction management software is a whole other beast in and of itself. On average, it takes a good six months to get an all-in-one construction management software system implemented in your business. This involves recurring training sessions filled with detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to use the software, which takes time away from the people in the field who have important business to attend to.

Even after all of the implementation and training is done, there are always more questions and new problems with the all-in-one software solutions. It all comes down one fact: massive software platforms take an inefficient pen-and-paper process and make it even less efficient with technological complications instead of making the process easier and more efficient.

But wait, there is a unicorn, a perfect middle ground that makes field reporting and management more efficient than ever.

Construction Management Software Made Easy

Point solutions are platforms that solve specific issues within a bigger set of problems and for construction management software, point solutions are what the people in the field need. Superintendents don't need to be using construction software that also does blueprinting, architectural design, and accounting. They need software that focuses on the field.

Give the People What They Need!

Field management comes down to reporting, scheduling, tracking manpower, materials, and managing tasks so that projects stay on track. Project managers and superintendents are often racing the clock while trying to maintain a certain budget, and this gets really hard to do with pen-and-paper processes, especially when a project manager has multiple construction sites to look over.

Bottom line: they need something that will be more efficient than their current pen-and-paper process, and easier to use than their all-in-one construction management software solution.

This is where Raken comes in. Raken is built around being a product that is easy to use. It's paramount that daily reporting and field management is easy to do, so that superintendents, project managers, and foremen can get back to the important work and not spend all day scribbling down notes or trying to figure out an overcomplicated software platform.

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"Started out with the free trial version on a single construction project, and after seeing how well it worked and how easy it is, we are implementing this program on several additional teams to get buy-in from more company members. It is extremely easy and QUICK to fill-out valuable daily information. I love the ability to quickly snap pictures right within the app and the final report timestamps the photos and formats them beautifully in the end product for distribution" - Robert S. Project Manager

Raken makes field workflows simple, easy, and enjoyable for the people who hold reporting as a daily duty. No more scribbling down inefficient notes on a daily journal or fiddling with an overcomplicated construction software solution. Try out Raken and see what it can do for your guys in the field.