How Digital Technology is Changing Construction

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The digital revolution is changing everything from the way in which people communicate to how they shop and nothing appears to be immune from it, including the construction industry. This isn't a bad thing, provided that managers and owners take the time to make sure that the technology in construction and the software they use are ones that actually benefit and support the work that they do, instead of being merely trendy. With that in mind, below are some ways in which this revolution is influencing how construction work is done.

The InternetFirst it was more effective communications in terms of sharing general information and e-mails. Firms of all sizes today boast multi-page websites providing them with free or low cost advertising. The Internet has also provided construction firm employees with a way to get low cost or free accreditation and continuing education, in addition to learning about new employment opportunities.

ToolsNo, they haven't invented a digital backhoe yet, but levels, calculators, and scales and measurement tables now have digital versions that can be utilized with mobile devices. They're also more accurate than their more conventional cousins. Next up- Radio Frequency Identification Data tags which allow a truck's inventory to be scanned as it enters a job site. Use of these "chipped" trucks has resulted in inventories that are done much more quickly and completely than current conventional methods.

Building Imaging Model SoftwareThese virtual blueprints are both cheaper and more quickly completed than paper ones. The design also makes collaboration easier for everyone from electricians to future building owners.

Mobile CommunicationsYes, it's annoying that there's no escape from it anywhere these days. But from wildly improved two-way radios to smartphones, construction sites are now much more efficient and safer places to work. As an added bonus, smartphones offer a camera option that can enhance both safety warnings and progress reports.

ReportingIt was tedious! It was time consuming! It was illegible! And because reports often had to navigate between offices, it was hard to submit, approve, and file in a timely fashion, too. But with products like Raken's software for daily reporting, reports can now be produced in a legible, consistent fashion in under an hour. The Raken construction computer software also allows for real time viewing as well as collaborative work. And Raken's cloud platform allows reports to be stored digitally for up to ten years. This provides both protection and easy access to these important documents.