Improve Estimate Accuracy with Precise Field Data Collection

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estimation accuracy

So you won the job! Now what?

It’s crucial to start accurately and thoroughly collecting field data at groundbreak. By using an intuitive mobile and desktop field management application, you can easily track critical field data throughout the duration of your project. As the field’s favorite app for daily reporting, toolbox talks, and production tracking, Raken is a critical addition to your technology lineup.

Built for the field

When individuals working in the field can easily record and send data straight from their mobile devices, communication between the field and the office is seamless and streamlined. With features like work logs, task management, and a photo and video gallery, Raken helps users tell the entire story of what happened on the jobsite that day.

old-vs-newThe old daily report vs. the Raken digital daily.

Track and measure productivity

Keep your projects on time and on budget with Raken Production Tracking. Your crews in the field can efficiently record time, track materials installed, and log equipment usage through the easy-to-use mobile app. This real-time data empowers your office with vital information to proactively make decisions that ensure you stay on schedule and on budget.

Sharpen your pencil

By utilizing Raken with an estimating software program, you can easily review productivity throughout the duration of a project. When you reach the end of a project, you can compare your estimates to the actual metrics you captured with Raken—sharpening your pencil for your next bid.

Ready to start collecting better field data? Try Raken for free or get a personalized demo today.