How Technology Can Help Contractors Become More Efficient

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It seems as though every aspect of our lives has been influenced by technology nowadays. Not only is it invasive, it's increasingly user-friendly, and inexpensive, making it especially attractive to the business community. One industry within it that's been a little slower than others to embrace it is the construction industry. After all, when one thinks of a construction site, one pictures scaffolding, jackhammers, and hard hats. But computers? Tablets? Conversations about software?

But firm owners, project managers, and supervisors should be having those conversations. Digital software designed specifically for the construction industry can eliminate waste and repetition, cut costs, and improve communication, not only on project sites, but among offices and with clients. Take Raken, for example. Its application for daily reporting allows staff to file professional looking reports from any location, using fields on their devices that are industry compliant. The completed reports can be stored for up to ten years online. Specific ones can be located quickly via keyword activation. And not only can Raken generated reports be viewed online by multiple parties, they can be worked on collaboratively in real time as well. Raken's technology saves time and money by producing reports that only have to be written once, eliminates the need for bulky storage, and cuts back on the necessity for physical meetings for report completion.

New technologies in construction have benefited the construction industry like the crane inspection software for both mobile and overhead cranes. The program can be run from devices, is very user friendly, and completely eliminates paper forms. Scales, levels, and other digital tools can now be used with mobile phones. They work just like traditional tools, and in the case of scales and other measuring devices, can make conversions, saving time.

And even building inspectors have gotten in on the digital act, with 3-D inspection software. Like the other technologies, it can be used with devices, and greatly speeds up the inspection and reporting process, helping the entire project to move along more quickly.

These latest construction technologies can be customized to fit needs and budgets, with their providers serving as IT staff as well.  So while contractors are still waiting for those jetpacks, the technology exists now to help them have faster, safer, and more cost efficient projects, and it should be taken advantage of.