How Technology Is Helping Construction Firms Stay Lean

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Construction Technology

Technology for Lean Construction Firms

Despite all the good news about the United States' economic improvement and friendlier financial institutions, businesses know it's not time to stop being financially prudent. Indeed, economic forecasters are predicting that in order to survive, many businesses are going to have to be a good deal more fiscally conservative than they were prior to the Great Recession. One great way to do this is by spending money. Wait! Isn't that an oxymoron? Not really. It all depends on how that money is spent. And one worthwhile outlay of that cash, especially for our industry, is in technology.

There are many reasons why construction firms should be incorporating advanced construction technology into work projects. The results are safer, more efficient worksites with better communications among workers, less waste, and the need for less administrative staff. All of this reduces the overall costs of firms. Below are some technological innovations that have been very helpful in helping firms reduce costs.

Raken Reporting SoftwareWhile our industry invokes an image of a few hardy individuals outside hammering, project managers and supervisors are painfully aware of how much time is spent indoors, completing and filing reports and scheduling and physically attending related meetings. Raken’s web based software for construction contractors and employees, allows workers to complete and submit reports quickly, and allows for collaborative reporting in real time. Because various parties can quickly view and respond to files from multiple locations, the need to travel to meetings is reduced, cutting travel expenses. And because Raken's software is easy to use with professional looking results, office administrative costs can be kept down, as well.

EquipmentA new reflective tape that is charged by a built in battery as opposed to ambient light is being worn on garments. The result is workers that are easier to see in all conditions, creating a safer environment. Smart Helmets are the love child of safety helmets and Google Glass. They provide the wearer with instructions and measurements, in addition to traditional head protection. The result is safe, more efficient work with less supervision.

GreenNot only do construction firms who identify themselves as having "green practices" attract more clients, green techniques that they employ, like using recycled building materials, and building structures to be multi-functional, actually reduce a firm's overall costs as well.