How to Avoid Wasting Thousands Due to Poor Jobsite Communication

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poor jobsite communication

What's your reaction when a subordinate or coworker indignantly tells you, "Nobody told me what was going on?" Well, it's annoying for sure. It can also be costly, if that person sent away subcontractors expected to do work, or scheduled so many to work on the same day that nothing got done. Or sent away that truckload of supplies, because again, no one told them what was going on, and they weren't going to sign for it. It can be deadly too, if workers on a job site don't get the word on buried wires, impending bad weather, or other safety issues.

Being not able to proceed with work because of unclear directions has been credited with costing a business a hundred thousand dollars a year. Factor in injuries caused and ineffective work done as a result of those unclear directions, and you better keep adding. Obviously, poor jobsite communicating isn't cheap. But in an industry like construction, where there can be many work sites with roving employees, what's the best way of making sure everybody knows what's going on?

Frequent MeetingsThey should be held at all levels of a firm, at times and locations that are convenient for the greatest number of employees to attend. Those who can't should be brought up to speed by way of newsletters and e-mails. Make a special effort to ensure that bilingual and reading and hearing impaired employees understand what's going on.

Create A Culture Of Communication And AccountabilitySomeone in your office knows what's going on. Make it that person's responsibility to get the word out, even if they have to designate assistants to help them. Make sure all employees know where to go to get this information. "Daily Updates" on company webpages or as e-mails can be very helpful. For effective project communication management make sure all employees know your company’s “information chain of command” for reporting hazards, problems, accidents, and schedule updates.

Utilize TechnologyIn addition to websites and e-mails, don't be afraid to use other digital technology to communicate. Raken's daily reporting app allows managers to quickly issue safety warnings to the mobile devices everyone carries these days in real time. It also allows staff to make rapid changes to existing reports and files to accommodate changes, further enhancing effective communication in construction and creating a job site that is efficient, safer, and more profitable.