How to Ensure Construction Software Utilization

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construction software utilization

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Now that we are firmly in the digital age, it seems that people of all ages and from all walks of life are embracing its devices and software. But while it's becoming increasingly difficult to imagine a time when we weren't constantly plugged into something, enthusiasm for the digital revolution remains varied.

This applies to the workplace as well as at home. Simply because of the way these technologies have quietly become integrated into our lives, people are probably more technology-savvy now then ever before. But that also means that both employees and their employers can have unrealistic expectations about an office's technologies, especially software. Employers may assume without question that it is easy to use, fills office needs, and is being used correctly. In reality, employees may be reluctant to utilize office software because it's difficult to master and inconvenient to use. As a result, not only might this software be under-utilized, paperwork may not be filled out correctly or in time to meet deadlines. As a result, a firm could be in danger of violating compliance.

So before going to the trouble and expense of securing software programs for firm use, managers should first make sure that said software meets the following criteria.

Is This Software Going To Be Easy to Implement?Can it be easy to learn to use by anyone in your firm regardless of their IT skills? Does it load and download quickly, navigating users through a minimum number of screens? Or are employees complaining that the program is slow and confusing?

Can This Software Be Used On A Variety Of Devices?As IT savvy is your entire firm is becoming, many employees remain traditional site workers. After a hard day performing their normal tasks, they don't want to have to travel to and struggle with a computer to complete paperwork. The best construction software today makes it possible to complete these reports over hand-held devices without having to leave the site.

Does This Software Offer Reminders To Use It?When things get busy on the physical end of a project, it can be difficult to keep up with and keep track of necessary paperwork. The right software can keep staff on schedule by issuing periodic reminders to users over computers and devices.

Is This Software Transparent?Can anyone with proper authorization access this software to examine appropriate files and determine compliance? This includes not only employees, but those less familiar with it, such as stakeholders, clients, and attorneys.

Does This Software Offer Effective Training?Does the software package include tutorials in the form of manuals, live help, videos, and internet services? Can the training be offered in a single session at the students' convenience? Or are you having to turn to various sources to find answers to all of those questions?

Fortunately, Raken with its software for daily reporting, meets all of this criteria. Downloading quickly to phones, tablets, and other devices, this software ensures that employees of all technological skill levels can fill out properly formatted reports quickly and correctly. Not only can firms rest assured that all paperwork is compliant, Raken makes it easy to share and collaborate on reports at all levels, reducing the time and expense needed for physical meetings.