How To Generate Repeat Business in Construction

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generating repeat business construction

Winning a bid and landing a big project is always a huge victory for a construction firm. It takes a lot of research, discernment, and trust for an owner to hire a general contractor, no matter the size of the project. After weighing a variety of criteria, and with a large amount of trust, the owner pulls the trigger, expecting that the general contractor will perform quality work and deliver the project on time.

From a general contractor's perspective, this is great, and it's time to get things moving. However, throughout the construction process, it's common for the general contractor firm to get lost in the craziness of the process and discount the importance of building a profitable relationship with the client.

The Importance of Client Relationships and Communication in Construction

Construction firms work on the basis of projects and more projects obviously fuel the fire that keeps the business profitable. A large part of fueling the fire is done through gaining a good reputation in the construction industry. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, it's so easy for firms to get caught up in the busy nature of the construction process and forget to keep good communication with the client about the progress of the project. Not only can poor communication lead to errors in design, workflow bottlenecks, RFI and change order confusion, and all kinds of other issues, poor communication can also sever a potential opportunity for the general contractor to earn repeat business with the client.

generate repeat business construction

With this in mind, it's important to remember how businesses of any kind work... they work just like any other relationship in that they hinge on communication. An article about client retention from Entrepreneur Magazine stated: "Manage expectations at every stage to ensure clients never feel unclear about the status of the project or progress toward goals." This can be easier said than done though because throughout the duration of a construction project, there are just too many things to handle and communicating all the progress details to the client can be a whole separate beast in itself. This is where construction field management software steps in and puts that communication obligation on cruise control.

How Does Construction Software Improve Communication and Build Repeat Business?

Generating repeat business in construction weighs mainly on the quality of work and the client's experience with their general contractor. A client will struggle to have an enjoyable experience if they are constantly crossing their fingers, hoping that things on-site are going well and the project is on track. This is where daily reporting software like Raken comes in.

Raken Daily Reports are created on the jobsite to easily track updates, work logs, time cards, photo documentation, subcontractor information, weather, manpower, safety incidents, and all kinds of relevant data. Jobsite leaders are able to walk the jobsite and record this data, sign off on it at the end of the day, and just like that, there's a clean and legible report for that day on site.

repeat business construction

Where Raken takes this a step forward is what happens after the daily reports are complete. The daily reports are fashioned into actionable insights and summaries and are able to be sent automatically to anyone who wishes to receive them such as clients, stakeholders, payroll administrators, and other necessary parties.

"Our owners love the effective communication that the daily report offers. I personally love how easy it is for our team to use. The #1 reason I love Raken is the repeat business it helps us generate." - Josiah Hepworth - Construction Solutions Company

Raken essentially acts as the middle-man between the general contractor and the client, and does a fantastic job at it. The reports flow to the client and through dashboard insights and summaries and are presented in a way that is easy to digest and provides thorough updates and statistics about project progress.

In a recent case study with Green Circle Demolition, clients were, by the nature of the project, not allowed to be on site for safety reasons. Raken helped provide clients with consistent, clear daily reports so that they could have peace of mind about the progress of the job and see what was going on through pictures and documentation. Manager of Green Circle Demolition, Sam Bacon, stated: "With Raken they get that report emailed to them. It prevents questions, and it's great to have everyone getting the same information, it prevents the need for calls and emails. Customers feel plugged into the projects and they get a report that's very professional. Raken has the best thing going."

Alta Construction Generates Repeat Business With Raken

A prime example of how Raken can help customers build repeat business and make clients proud is the story of Alta Construction. Alta is a full service construction firm that specializes in retail construction, corporate interiors, hospitality, shopping centers, and shell & core construction. Basically, Alta does big projects for big clients and communicating with clients during these overwhelmingly large projects is of top priority. Raken makes this a piece of cake for them. Watch this short clip to see how they leverage Raken to generate repeat business:

After a recent project for Wedgewood Weddings, Director of Facilities and Capital Projects, Troy Stevens said, "We had a completely different experience with Alta. They sent us Raken daily reports every single day of the project, and the detailed data they provided helped us build trust and stay up-to-date with project updates. We felt like we were on site.”

Maintaining excellent communication with clients doesn't have to be a strenuous task piled on all your other responsibilities. With Raken, it's seamless. On top of making your field management tasks a walk in the park, Raken strengthens the relationships you have with clients and builds a level of trust that will put you at the top of the list when they are looking to build other projects.