How To Save Time With Daily Reports

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construction management daily reports

construction daily reporting

If you are a project manager, superintendent, contractor, or one of the foremen on a project, daily reporting is a requirement of your job. The new technology of construction management software by Raken is the perfect answer to accomplishing this necessary element in a time-saving way that will make your work faster and easier.

How do you currently prepare for the reports that you have to make daily?  Is it taking notes in a small notebook with a pen or pencil and then having to do the reports after hours in a word document or excel spreadsheet on your computer or laptop? How difficult is it to totally recall exactly what happened at the work sites during that day?

Wouldn’t it be a welcome situation to be able to type or dictate your 100% compliant daily reports in construction via any Apple or Android device? Raken's contractors software quickly creates professional reports as events, progress reports, safety issues, ongoing work, observations and suggestions occur while you are actually in the field in real time? Unlimited HD photos can also be taken and transmitted, and safety and other progressive notifications can be sent out immediately.

Additionally, you can work collaboratively with involved bosses and other appropriate employees back at the office. It is also estimated that you will be able to save an average of 60 minutes every day with this process as you complete your reports five times faster than typing if you use the built-in speech to text. In addition, the quality of the reports will have improved significantly.

Add the benefits of this information being available to superiors because of transmission of field notes and photos instantly and without those people having to actually visit the work site, their being able to issue directions back to the field quickly, and the information being able to be stored digitally for as much as ten years in case the details are needed again in the future by that customer or for use in other projects.

Raken's contractor app technology results in professional and timely reports that are more effective and less costly for those of you involved in construction work projects.