Why You Should Integrate Construction Apps

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Have you ever tried to get your superintendents to turn in their daily reports through construction management software only to find that they go back to their trusty pen and paper? That's because while some programs are extremely useful for the team in the office, you may often find that they aren't nearly as convenient for your workers out in the field. Superintendents are out and about, on their feet all day, so the last thing they want to do at quitting time is fumble around on a computer for a couple of hours, trying to figure out how to submit a daily through the software you've implemented. They'll end up hand writing their reports or using a generic spreadsheet format because these have been their tried-and-true methods for years. Still, this adds extra time at the end of their workday, and also forces you to stay in the office longer, deciphering penmanship and making sense of an assortment of Excel docs. 

An all-in-one solution may look really attractive for those in the office, but for the end user, the process of switching to a new software could potentially cause some major headaches. No one wants extra stress added to already busy days, and combining old school methods with new school tech doesn't really seem to benefit anyone. Luckily, Raken is here to build a bridge between the field and the office, with user-friendly daily reporting tools that make integrating construction apps seamless.

The Benefits of Integrating Construction Apps

So you just spent a bundle on your construction management software that claims to "do it all." When you find that your supers aren't adopting the new software into their routine, you wonder if you've made a mistake, but the reality is, your new system would be even better when supplemented by a program meant to be used in the field. You may be wondering why to invest in more construction apps, but in the long run, using Raken will result in less money spent overall. With fewer hours of busywork, superintendents can focus on their priorities and manage their teams more efficiently, allowing the guys in the field to complete work at a faster rate. In addition, Raken's field-focused app makes it super easy to organize all jobsite related updates, lowering the risk of costly mix-ups. Raken is basically a digitalized version of what your superintendents have been using forever, so switching over requires almost no training. Instead of the usual lengthy on-boarding process that can take weeks or months, we get you up and running right away. Seriously, most guys get the hang of the app in less than a day. 

Raken is compatible with some of the more office-based software, such as Procore, Trimble, and Autodesk, so information from the field can be transferred to the office instantly. These programs are fantastic tools for project management, but with your superintendents actually digitally submitting their dailies through Raken, they'll just be that much more successful. Instead of causing confusion with trying to enter an assortment of reports into your software, you can receive daily reports on an automated schedule, making life much easier. You'll also have access to the dashboard, giving you a great overview of what's been happening onsite. We want to help improve your experiences with other software, so operations can run more smoothly than ever before, thereby adding value to both investments. By using Raken in the field and integrating with software in the office, everyone can stay on the same page, communication is productive, and projects are completed with ease. Sometimes, in life, we can all get what we want. 

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How Field-Focused Construction Apps Will Help Your Company  

Because Raken was designed with the field in mind, using the app is faster and more efficient than traditional methods of daily reporting, saving time and making your superintendents happy campers. Every tool within the app is created for busy supers who don't want to waste time with complicated tech. While your superintendents may have experience with other daily reporting programs, most of them have been around for quite some time, and have had little-to-no updates over the years. Raken is constantly releasing new features that are directly based on feedback from individuals working in the field. We do our best to place ourselves into their workboots by actually going out into the field and talking to superintendents to truly get an idea of what their pain points are, so we can figure out exactly what to provide with our app. One of our longtime users, and a project superintendent at Elkins Construction, is Noah Anderson-Davis. He highlights the fact that without Raken filling out daily reports with tricky, non-specialized software takes up extra time for superintendents, if they even attempt to do them at all. 

Raken is the most mobile-friendly construction app available, and we offer unrivaled ease of use. With the Raken app, users have the ability to record information, report any issues or delays, and take photos while walking the jobsite. The camera is accessible directly through the app so media can be uploaded as soon as it is created, thereby eliminating the extra step of remembering to log in and submit later on. Photos show up on the dashboard in real time, so you can get visual updates without having to ask for them. If there's a holdup, an accident, or something else goes wrong, the office will know as soon as it happens. By providing such simple ways to connect the field and the office, communication is clear and frequent, keeping the whole team in the loop. 

Integrated construction apps

Get Stuff Done With Raken

If you've implemented a construction management software in the office, but your workers in the field are continuing to use their old methods of daily reporting, you will likely end up with a headache, as well as wasted time and money. While some programs are ideal for an office setting, they are not optimized for field reporting, making it difficult for superintendents and foremen to submit their dailies from the jobsite. With Raken, the guys in the field can conveniently submit their daily reports while on the go, with no hassle or frustration. Best of all, Raken integrates with the software you already use in the office, so you can keep using what you like, and your super can use what he likes (while submitting organized, easy to understand reports). With reports automatically sent to the office, and easier communication with your supers, Raken can be your secret weapon in the field.