Introducing Production Tracking

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From the very beginning, Raken has always been centered around our end users. When we come up with our new features, we really try to place ourselves in your workboots to best think of ways our product can serve you out in the field. We started out by interviewing hundreds of construction companies, asking about pain points that affected your daily workflows. Difficulties with consistent communication between the field and the office were by far the most common problems we heard about. There was no way to easily report accurate, up-to-date project information.

That’s why we launched Raken by first building our daily reporting solution. We wanted to improve workflows by creating a mobile, user-friendly, efficient, and effective software experience. We wanted crews to be able to record observations, photos, and complete simple surveys simultaneously to completing everyday responsibilities out on the jobsite, instead of spending extra time at the end of the day - getting you off the jobsite and back home earlier.

Our Evolution

Raken’s mobile app has given superintendents, foremen, and other field supervisors a simple tool to document their crews’ progress, which in turn, provides the office with more thorough, accurate records of what is happening out on their jobsites every day. As our software grew in popularity, we continued receiving feedback from the field. From this, the conclusion was overwhelmingly clear: build a solution for time cards. That was the start of Raken evolving into the app that you see today.

Our evolution doesn’t just come from a standpoint of, “how many features can we cram into our product?” In fact, our goal is to keep the app as simple as possible, knowing that ease-of-use has always been one of your biggest priorities. We know that safety is always a priority on jobsites, we realized that we could build an easy tool to help train crews on safety topics. When we realized that we could simplify the safety management process, it was only logical to develop features for our software that actually help individuals working on jobsites get home safely every day. That’s why we delved deeper into the realm of construction safety, and a few months ago, we launched Toolbox Talks in the all-new Safety tab of our app.

What’s the Latest at Raken?

Everything we do goes through this process of asking you how we can help, and then creating a solution that makes life easier for both the field and the office. The system seems to be working: we now have 4,000 customers across 92 countries and all 50 states, and we’ve been on nearly half a million projects thus far. We are evolving as your needs evolve, and with that comes new features designed to help all sorts of construction teams around the world.


That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest addition to the Raken platform: Production Tracking. With this launch, we are introducing a new Production tab where field crews can record time and the quantity of materials they’ve installed each day by associated cost code. With a few taps you can add photos, notes, and other attachments to create a clear visual record of progress made in the field. This data can be accessed in real-time via the Raken web dashboard and included in an automatically generated daily report. The automatic calculations done with Raken make it extremely easy to see percentage complete and view projections, so you have an accurate overview of whether or not your project is on schedule. With this tool, project managers are able to keep track of progress without performing manual calculations.

Tracking production with Raken also means that you can spot issues before they occur, and proactively make changes that help avoid delays and overspending. The ability to see progress in real-time helps projects stay on time and on budget. Furthermore, with Raken Production Tracking, you can keep all your project data stored in one searchable repository, so when creating bids and planning new projects, you can take past jobs into account.

This new addition to our feature lineup was developed after years of field research, and we’re thrilled to finally get production tracking into your hands.

Where We’re Headed

Over the years, we’ve stuck to our field first approach. Even as we add more features and create a more comprehensive field management solution, we plan to maintain our status as the easiest to use construction app on the market.


Your feedback is our main source of inspiration when planning out our product roadmap. You’ve told us that our user-friendly interface is what makes it so effective. When your teams in the field enjoy using Raken, folks in the office receive the information they need, and everybody wins. We know that the true value of our software comes from its simplicity, and that is exactly what helps you save time and money on projects.

As we continue to build our software, we want to add new features that help you streamline field data collection even further. The idea isn’t to reinvent the wheel, but rather, to provide you with the tools to do your job more efficiently. We are so glad to have you along for the journey, and can’t wait to see what you build.