Introducing Raken Studios

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raken studios

Raken’s goal has always been to produce the fastest, easiest to use reporting solutions for workers in the field. To accomplish that, we spend a lot of time in the field talking with Raken customers. We then use those stories to make the app better and teach others how to use it. And the best way we could think of to tell those stories and share that knowledge is through videos. With that in mind, we invite you to check out Raken’s official Youtube channel, Raken Studios.

Raken Studios houses all of our video content and is packed with useful tutorials and interesting stories. The videos are useful for construction Superintendents, General Contractors, Foremen, and more.

What You'll See on Raken Studios

  • A complete playlist of over 20 Raken tutorials covering everything from how to add members to your Raken account to the best way to manage your job site photos.
  • Raken stories from the field finding out what users think of Raken, how they made their sites more efficient, achieved 100% reporting compliance, and more.
  • A series called “Startup Snacks” featuring interviews with the Raken team describing what they do, what it’s like to work in a California startup, and how other startups can be as successful.
  • Raken news features with demonstrations and other features where a Raken team member or other reviewer gives their thoughts on Raken.

Your Source for all Raken Videos

Raken Studios is your source to find Raken tutorials, case studies, and demonstrations. Each of these videos will help you make the most out of your Raken account. Browse through the videos and we’re sure you’ll find new ways to use Raken. What's more, you can also find all of our videos on our new website, coming soon!

So keep checking YouTube for the latest stories from the field, new feature updates, and more from Raken Studios!