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Raken Toolbox Talks

Here's a couple of questions for all the superintendents and foremen out there: How long do you usually spend searching the internet for a toolbox talk to give at your next tailgate meeting? After one of those meetings, have you ever passed around the attendance sheet only to never be able to find it again, or discover that it didn't make it to half the people that were actually there? Or have you ever been asked if someone attended a meeting and have to search through binders back in the trailer for that one signature?

Now here's some questions for the safety managers: Are you tired of emailing toolbox talks every week to all of your projects? Do tailgate meetings find you struggling to get all the attendee signatures scanned, collated, input into a system, and filed? Have you ever wondered what your compliance statistics were and spent an hour or more calling your superintendents to find out? Can you see yourself spending too much time checking to see how many talks a particular worker has completed?

These are the sorts of problems that superintendents and safety managers often encounter when dealing with a common workflow in the field: the toolbox talk. Toolbox talks, along with other safety workflows, are one of the important preventative measures that superintendents, foremen, and safety managers have to make sure that their field crews are well prepared.

There's nothing more important on a jobsite than safety. Beyond the obvious reasons that no one wants their crews getting hurt or worse while on the job, there are plenty of financial reasons to care about construction safety. Accidents and the litigation associated with them can be extremely costly for everyone involved. Injuries put valuable workers out of commission, a dangerous thing to do in a construction industry where skilled labor is in incredibly short supply, which then puts your entire project behind schedule. Incidents also trigger an absolute mountain of paperwork that takes up valuable time for both the office and the field. All of this can be avoided with the right precautions, and toolbox talks is one of them.

That's why we're excited to announce the launch of our newest safety feature: toolbox talks. Raken's Toolbox Talks were made to make the tailgate meeting workflow easier on superintendents, foremen, safety managers, and project managers so these important workflows and documents can be easily done, quickly organized, and always ready.

Where to Find Toolbox Talks in Raken

Toolbox Talks are available with our latest Raken update. After the update, just navigate to the safety tab on the bottom navigation of your mobile device. Once there you'll be able to start new sessions, choose a toolbox talk, collect signatures, and the office has access to those reports the minute they're done. On the web, you'll see the toolbox talks tab in your company settings where you can bulk schedule sessions, upload new talks, and check attendance. You'll also see toolbox talks in your insights dashboard, which gives you company-wide stats on compliance at a glance.

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Every Raken User Gets to Try Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks will be available for every Raken user for 21 days during a special promo period where everyone, regardless of your plan, will have access to Performance-level features. After the promo period has ended everyone will be automatically reverted to their original plans.

Features to Watch Out For

Bulk Schedule Toolbox Talks for All Your Projects

With Raken Toolbox Talks, you can bulk schedule toolbox talks for all of your projects at once, a great feature for safety managers who know they have a certain amount of talks that they need each of their projects to go through. Just choose which talks you want to be included and Raken will automatically add them to your superintendent's schedule of talks: all they have to do is open up Raken and the talks will be organized for them. They just read the talks and collect the signatures.

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While you're scheduling you can set talks on a repeating schedule, so when all the talks in the sequence have been completed the sequence will automatically start over again. And should a new project start while you're in the middle of the schedule don't worry: Raken will automatically add new projects to wherever you're at in the cadence so you don't have to.

Digital or Photo Signature Capture

When we talked with safety managers and superintendents to understand their problems with toolbox talks each of them said that gathering, scanning, collating, and inputting signatures was one of their biggest issues. That's why with Raken Toolbox Talks superintendents can easily gather signatures one of two ways. Signatures can be captured with digital signatures: just pass a mobile device around the room after the talk and each worker that was there taps their name and signs with their finger. Or, if you prefer to have a paper sign-in sheet, you can take a photo of it which will be automatically attached to the toolbox talk report for that session.

All signatures and their associated toolbox talks are stored and searchable so safety managers can easily see which workers attended which meetings.

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Toolbox Talks Library

Raken Toolbox Talks comes with a starter pack of pre-loaded talks to get your teams started. Superintendents and foremen can choose the one that fits their needs, or they can be bulk scheduled ahead of time. This saves your crew in the field time thinking about which talks to give or searching for them in binders: they're all right there on their phone, organized and ready to go. Safety managers can even upload their own talks and manage the library so they'll know that workers in the field are always pulling from a standardized, company-approved list.

toolbox talks library

Toolbox Talks Insights

We've added a toolbox talks module to the Raken Insights tab on the web so safety managers can see safety compliance right alongside their other project metrics. Raken automatically breaks down the data so you can see which talks were completed at which sites. You can even download the report and share it with any of your stakeholders.

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Do you ever need to know what the compliance statistics are for a particular toolbox talk? How about how many talks a specific worker has completed? With Raken, you can find all of that information in a quick search. You can search for a particular talk, a date, or a worker's attendance by signature and Raken will highlight and filter the results so you can get to the information you need faster.

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Make Your Sites Safer

In the end, toolbox talks is all about one thing: making your sites safer. The right tailgate meeting at the right time could mean the difference between a long, costly accident and a project that goes along smoothly.