Introducing Worker Sign-Off and Payroll View for Raken Time Cards

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Since we released Raken Time Cards in February of this year it has turned out to be one of our most popular features. We've been thrilled with how many of our users have taken advantage of all the features that our initial version of Raken Time Cards had to offer, and today we're pleased to announce the release of user-requested features that should make the experience easier and more valuable.

Raken Time Cards Update Video

Worker Time Card Sign Off

Last month we added the ability to add payroll notes and change the dates of the work week to make payroll easier in the office. Our most recent release makes the process even easier by giving workers the opportunity to sign off on their time cards. The best part about it is that the workers don't even have to be part of your Raken team: all we need is a phone number or email address. Payroll admins in the office can set up when they would like time card reminders to go out and Raken will send workers a reminder in a text or email.

Worker Time Card Sign Off

Having workers sign-off on their own time cards was a widely-requested feature and we are sure it will help payroll administrators get their jobs done faster in the office. Especially when you pair it with our next update.

Payroll Admin Web View

If you navigate to your company settings and look under time cards you'll see a new tab marked "payroll." Just click on it to access all of your pay periods and check on who has signed. If you see a discrepancy in the hours you can fix it right on the spot.

From the payroll view, you can download an overall time card report that includes everything you need to know: the weeks, projects, cost codes, totals, signatures, and individual worker reports.

Payroll Admin Web View

The payroll admin web view gives you the ability to see all of your time card data in one place. You can make sure the hours entered are accurate or go on to the third new time card feature to see how else you can use it.

PDF Reports by Worker

If you're looking at the payroll admin web view you'll notice an icon next to a worker's name that lets you download a PDF time card report for that individual worker. Often companies need to see reports by a single individual and don't want to have to go through the hassle of printing out the overall report and then search for that one person. Now you can get an individualized report, complete with all of that person's time card data, right from the web view.

PDF by Worker

We hope these new updates to the time card features in Raken help you gather time card data in the field even faster and work with it easier in the office.

Just click the button below to try out all of these new features for yourself in a free trial.