Is Your Construction Firm Using Modern Software?

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Your firm is using modern software, you say? Good for you! There are traditional aspects of construction that will never be replaced by digital technology. But there's no denying that there are areas of our industry such as paperwork, that have become very dependent on software programs. And be aware that while your firm has embraced software use, its work isn't finished. That software package will need continual upgrading. In fact, that software package may in fact be obsolete, and in need of replacement.

"Wait a minute!" you might be saying. "We bought that software package oh, ten years ago, and it still works great! Everyone in the company likes it!" But it could be slowing your firm down in terms of time needed to collect data, resulting inaccurate data, and money lost because of that data. Consider for example, software programs that produce data and report information in a spreadsheet format. "What's wrong with spreadsheets?" you ask. "All the data's gathered together and impressively laid out!" True enough, but unfortunately because of the amount of time it takes this older software program to compile information and translate it into a spreadsheet format, data can be lost and developing problems within a project can often not be easily recognized. This can result in spiraling costs and lost profits for firms. If your firm is still using this method for data collection reporting and report processing, it's time to move into the cloud.

Data can now be stored on the internet and accessed remotely via cloud platforms. This means users of this technology not only have access to stored data, but can access it in real time. As the name implies, changes to data can be viewed by multiple parties as it's changing. What's more, these parties can edit and make other changes to this data from multiple locations.

A great example of new construction software that’s internet based is Raken for daily reporting. Raken creates daily reports that can be accessed with a variety of mobile devices. Professional looking reports can be completed quickly by filers, saving up to ninety minutes a day in paperwork time. Data can immediately be accessed from everyone from project managers to stakeholders. This means that everyone can "visit" the site and see progress, even if it's not possible to do so physically every day.

Raken’s construction management software also allows for the insertion of photos and graphics. This allows all viewers to see what is happening on a job site. And Raken's real time notification feature quickly alerts when delays and safety incidents occur on site so the issues can be addressed immediately.

With new cloud-based construction software, it's time to retire old software, and keep your company up to date.