Is Your IT System Ready for a Big Construction Project?

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As the economy in general and the construction industry in particular rebound following the Great Recession, it's time to start thinking about your company's IT system. Even the smallest of companies has at least some program related to work, even if it's a spreadsheet. Odds are good that when things were tough earlier in this century, your construction information technology system was among the first things to be sacrificed. Now that things have improved, your firm may have a laundry list of items that need upgrading, and IT enhancement is being put off. But that's a mistake. All facets of the construction industry are now being affected by digital technology, and that's only going to become more so, not less. Companies unwilling to make necessary changes to systems to stay competitive are going to get left behind. And with all the construction software out there these days, that shouldn’t happen. The question is, what kind of system should you have to compete for and complete large projects successfully?

Is It Flexible?

Can the system be customized to expand or shrink as work demands change? Will these changes require frequent upgrades that delay normal computer use? Can new features be added easily for use as demands and technology changes?

Is It Mobile?

Not too long ago, if you wanted to use a computer, you went to it. Now computers travel with their owners in all sizes. Raken's software app for daily reporting means that users can complete, read, and add to reports from devices like tablets and phones, meaning that reports can be completed quickly from almost anywhere, saving much time.

Does Your System Live In Real Time?

Can employees immediately see and respond to inputted information, or do they have to wait for it to download, or worse, pass around a CD? Raken's software allows multiple users in various locations view and add to the report in real time, making it ideal for fast updates and safety warnings.

Is It Compatible?

Do your different IT programs work together to provide you with useful information, or are you being bogged down with disparate information? If so, it's time in terms of time and money to upgrade to a system that's working for instead of against you.

Is Data Storage Easy?

Are you still printing out files or storing them on CDs? Raken can store files for up to ten years on the cloud, and access to them is just a keyword away.