Keeping the Reins On: Using Raken to Help Manage Subcontractors

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Let's face it. Modern construction projects are increasingly complex. They can require the use of more subcontractors, each of whom has to be managed, in multiple locations. Contractors can lose time explaining and overseeing their subs' assignments.

If that isn't headache enough, subcontractors can have their own subs. With all this complexity, a project has the potential to cascade out of control without proper management. So how can a general contractor keep rein on a project?

Raken, named the No. 1 daily reporting software and mobile app at Associated General Contractors National, offers construction management software that eliminates the communication issues with subcontractors that can lead to costly mistakes.

Clear communication is a component of the oversight needed to keep subcontractors on task. In an article published by The Houston Chronicle, Jeremy Bradley writes about the importance of communication and accountability in managing subs:

It is important that you follow-up with subcontractors on a regular basis. Do not simply assume that contractors will do the job you have hired them to do. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't trust your subcontractors; it's about creating a culture of accountability. Treat your subcontractors like you would full-time or regular employees. Give them autonomy to do their job, but also make sure they are meeting the deadlines and performance goals you have set out.

This can be accomplished painlessly through Raken's daily reporting app. Project managers can pass along updates, warnings, schedules, and required reporting forms to subs over their smart phones and tablets.

Raken’s Super Daily feature allows foremen and subcontractors to compile real-time information seamlessly into a single report. Project superintendents can get needed data without delay. Once invited by a general contractor, subcontractors can use the feature for free so there is no extra expense to produce the information.

The transparency benefits everyone involved as a little time spent using Raken's building construction software can save future time resolving costly situations caused by miscommunication. According to the article “Don’t Babysit Subcontractors — Teach Them,” published by the Harvard Business Review:

No PM likes interfering with a sub’s business, and the sub usually likes it even less. But if you can help them monitor their work accurately early on — in a way that makes sense to both parties — you won’t have to intervene nearly as much later to keep things on track.

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