Improving Safety on the Construction Site

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Workplace Safety tips

As the new year approaches, it's a good time to remind ourselves of simple precautions that can ensure safety and avoid injuries at the jobsite. Here are a few reminders:

Make Sure All Tools are Working Properly

It's essential to make sure that all tools are in proper working order before starting a job. This means that people must make sure that tools with the need for electrical use has chords which are in proper working shape. This also means that the construction worker must be willing to learn which rules are intended for which tasks and not utilize tools for a task which they are not intended to be used for under any circumstances. Safety regulations require that all tools be checked on a regular basis for any damage as well as any potential hazards in the structure of the tool itself. Making sure that everything is in proper working order prior to starting a job is essential for safety reasons as well as maximizing productivity.

Surface Safety

People need to make sure all times that the surface they're working on is safe. This means they should check for cracks in any foundation of a surface they're standing on so that they do not fall. It also means that the service must be tested for proper temperature levels so that a person does not get burnt while they are working. Making sure that the surface does not have any wet spots which could lead to a person falling is also a good idea. Having any schools or other obstacles underfoot can create problems for people were trying to get work done. This means moving all debris immediately to a safe space is necessary for individuals who are trying to create the best possible working environment.

Proper Climbing Protocol

There are certain techniques that a person needs to use when they are choosing to climb a ladder or stairs. Making sure that the area they are climbing into res going to give them a safe place to land is important to make sure that safety is maintained at all times. Securing the ladder is necessary especially when a person is not using any other claiming protection devices when they are going on to a room for other high surfaces. Paying complete attention to the next rung or step is important when climbing to a higher place. Making sure that the surface being climbed is not wet or in any way slippery is also essential to staying safe. Making sure that the climbing process is on to a level surface is also essential to safety protocol. Whenever possible having somebody watch while an individual is climbing is helpful so that they are not any unexpected injuries which can cause long-term problems. The development of many injuries exists because a person has climbed into an uneven situation placing their body at risk.

Operating a Forklift

It is important that a person has proper training when operating a forklift. This means making the decision to make sure that there is enough room to properly handle the load up the forklift is carrying at the time. Also making sure that obstructions are not in the way is an important part of making the right decisions as it pertains to the length of time it will take to complete the job without dropping any of the cargo. Making sure that the load on the forklift is not too much for the machine to carry and is evenly distributed is also essential to avoid any unexpected collisions or other problems during carrying the load. Identifying the proper amount of space needed in order to avoid running into water objects were creating congestion in the workspace is central to making sure things work out appropriately.

Notification System

Accidents may still happen even though all precautions are taken. When that's the case, be sure to have a notification system in place so that project managers and/or superintendents are immediately aware. Raken, a daily reporting app, allows just for that. With a simple selection, an administrator can choose for notifications to automatically go out. This construction management software is a simple solution that will ensure that fast compliant actions are taken when something happens at the jobsite.

Learn how to use Raken to create a construction safety checklist that can take your site safety to the next level.