Looking Back at a Great 2019

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We may have kicked off a new decade, but we aren't leaving 2019 in the past just yet. As we dive into our 2020 goals, we wanted to look back at all the accomplishments you made last year as customers, and the milestones we were able to reach because of customers like you. 2019 was a record year for all of us, from the amount of reports that you signed to the amount of features we released. As we continue to grow, we like to reflect on how we've gotten to where we are today – and why we couldn't have done it without you.

When we began Raken, our initial plan was to create an app that streamlines the construction daily reporting process. We wanted to make it easier for individuals working out on jobsites to complete reports and send them to the office without spending hours each day, and we aimed for these reports to provide those in the office with the information they really need. We thought that by designing an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement software solution for daily reporting, we could help bridge the gap in communication between the field and the office. By utilizing smartphones in the field, superintendents could walk the jobsite and document project progress with visual evidence.

Working hard

You've been very busy this year, with millions of worklogs submitted, reports signed, and photos taken. By using Raken for your projects, you've cut tons of paper out of your yearly consumption, helping to save hundreds of trees. Plus, at 53,545 photos taken per day, you've probably outnumbered the selfies on your teenage niece's Instagram feed — not an easy feat. Check out the stats below.


Team effort

With all the new projects you began in 2019, we can only imagine how exciting your 2020 will be. From hospitals, to schools, to hotels, and airports, you are helping to build the future with every project you begin. Great work!


Safety first

From the looks of it, you really prioritize safety on your jobsites. The sheer amount of survey questions asked and answered in the last year truly shows how much you care about jobsite safety. By scheduling and hosting toolbox talks through Raken, you can look back at records and make triple sure you are keeping your employees safe!


Going global

Putting customers first has always been our number one mission, so to see that we've helped improve the the workdays of over 40,000 people is truly an honor. We genuinely appreciate each and every one of you, and send our gratitude all over the world, to nearly 100 countries. We'd like to say we're on every continent – but the penguins aren't using Raken quite yet.


But what about us?

We're over here trying to keep up with everything you accomplished in 2019. During the last year, we more than doubled the size of our company, attended an event almost every week of the year, and visited a record number of jobsites.

We're here for you

Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop shop for construction resources. From our blog to our support articles, we want to make sure our customers are informed and ready to go with Raken. If you ever need anything, all you have to do is ask.


Going places

Some of our highlights this year include the events we attended and hosted, because we got to meet so many of you face-to-face. We are so grateful to those who attended the event series we created in 2019: Contractors and Cold Ones. If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that beer brings people together. If we had statistics on how many beers were consumed at these events, we definitely would have added them to this infographic.


New and improved

We're very excited to have expanded our product lineup by releasing 12 new features and improvements. Two of our most exciting launches were Toolbox Talks and Materials. By offering a pre-loaded toolbox talks library within our app, we give safety managers the ability to schedule safety meetings and select specific talks across several projects. Materials is our new and innovative solution for tracking quantities installed in terms of cost codes – which can be found in the all-new Production Tracking tab, along with Time Cards. If you like those two additions, you're going to love what we have in store for 2020.


Bragging rights

We've saved some of our favorite stats for last: our ratings and rankings. We are so proud to have ranked as the number one easiest to use construction management software on popular software review site, G2. It means the world to us that our customers have taken the time to review us on websites like G2, and to have helped us reach #1 for usability is the cherry on top.


Onwards and upwards

When it comes down to it, everything we do, we do for you. If we can keep our customers happy and productive, we feel confident that we're doing our jobs right. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the construction industry, and for building the world we live in. Here's to a great 2019, and an even greater 2020!